Hotter Shoes Style Series – Village Brogues for a 1930s Style

Following on from my 1920s piece with Valetta Heels, my next Style Series post for Hotter Shoes features the Village Brogues in a 1930s styled look.

Whilst heels makes me feel feminine and elegant, flat shoes make me feel like I am capable of anything. Combining elements of classic masculine tones, the Village Brogues by Hotter Shoes are the perfect balance of practicality and style.

For this look, I was inspired by simple classic lines of the later 1930s. I chose to wear an original CC41 skirt (which is of course 1940s. But it certainly has elements of 1930s in its central pleat and straight cut).

I teamed the skirt with an original 1930s jacket – THOSE BUTTONS. I was first drawn to the colour of the jacket – because I love yellow. It’s my absolute favourite colour. But then my eyes absorbed the amazing buttons and I was in love.

As the weather was still a tad chilly when we took these pictures, I decided to team the Village Brogues with a pair of cosy cashmere stockings. I recently discovered a wonderful shop on Etsy, Foot Fetish Socks. These particular stockings are hand cranked on a 1900s machine, from a pattern of around the same era. Lately, I tend to prefer stockings rather than any other type of hosiery; as they work so much better with early 20th century lingerie (which is no surprise, as stockings were the main form of hosiery during that era).

Outfit Details

Whilst I have a few pairs of loafers from Hotter Shoes, these are my first pair of brogues. They are so comfortable, my feet felt protected and cushioned all day long! I can definitely see these being a firm favourite, and the chocolate multi tone blends perfectly with many items in my wardrobe.

To read more about the Village Brogues, and to see some of my historical references when putting together this outfit, see my full article over on the Hotter Shoes Blog; It’s a Shoe Thing here.

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Until next time dears!


The Vintage Pledge 2017

Even though the Vintage Pledge officially commences in January, of course I am again late to the party.  In this post I talk about my sewing plans for the remainder of the year ahead, including my participation in the Vintage Pledge for my second year.

Last year, I participated in the Vintage Pledge for the very first time. Well, I enjoyed it so much, that I have decided to do it all again this year! Although last year I didn’t make it as a winner across any of the categories, I did make it as a finalist in two out of six of the categories – Tops, and Bottoms. Of course, to be honest I didn’t take part to win anything, and even to be named a finalist was truly amazing and gave my heart a warm fuzzy glow of pride.

Last year, according to calculations in my sewing recap post, I made 9 garments that were eligible to count towards my vintage pledge. This year may be a little different. Whilst I usually make a few garments in my spare time throughout the year, these garments are normally relatively small-scale makes. When I say small-scale, I mean in comparison to making a wedding dress..

As some of you readers know, I am getting married in September. As soon as Kieren & I got engaged, I knew straight away that I would want to make my wedding dress. So, this year my vintage pledge is going to be small in terms of numbers of garments – but incredibly large in terms of work involved, emotional investment and ‘wow factor’.

Obviously, I am keeping my dress a surprise (I even have a sign  for my office/studio door to warn Kieren not to enter when I am working on it!). So, there will be no sneak peeps or posts on the making or progress of my dress until after September.

So, to surmise, my official #vintagepledge for 2017 is: I, Jenny, pledge to make my wedding dress using a 1930s sewing pattern.

For the moment, I think it is best if I keep my vintage pledge short and sweet. I may of course sew garments throughout the year using vintage patterns, and if I do of course I will add these to the dedicated Pinterest Vintage Pledge board. But I don’t want to pledge to make numerous items if I know I may not have the inclination or time to produce these.

For more information on the Vintage Pledge (and to take part!) visit Marie’s blog A Stitching Odyssey here.

Are you taking part in the Vintage Pledge this year? Have you taken part in previous years?

Until next time dears!