The Completed Lime Bolero Suit

A few weeks ago, I purchased some beautiful high-quality cotton in a stunning shade of lime which at first, I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with. My first leanings were to make a full skirt/crop top ensemble, then I thought perhaps a day dress instead. After a little while mulling it over, I eventually decided to make a bolero suit, so I then started gathering various inspirational images as a starting point for my design.


I adored a beautiful lime ensemble that Betty Grable wears in Pin-Up Girl, (Google image it to gawp in admiration at it!)

I wanted some lovely accent shades to complement the lime, and to also make the outfit extra zingy! And boy, it sure is a bright outfit!

So here is the finished suit, I carefully added the surface decoration around the lapels of the bolero in contrasting lilac and hot pink, and added original 1940’s glass buttons in a gorgeous apple green (which matches the original 1940’s hand carved belt buckle too!). Hidden away under the skirt is a lining of matching apple green to pick-out the shade in the buttons & buckle (although realistically only I know it’s there, but it brings a smile to my face!) Likewise, the concealed lapped zipper is also a beautiful apple green.

I am so pleased with how it turned-out, and will definitely be wearing it throughout the summer!

We decided to take the photos in front of these adorable beach-huts in Hove (anyone that follows me on Instagram will know I often cycle past them and subsequently, admire them!) It was a pretty blustery day though, so my poor hair didn’t quite survive, hence the trusty cloche hat to the rescue!

And now onto the next sewing project!


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