Me and my wonderful man have just returned from a merry little jaunt driving around Normandy, France. I didn’t actually intend to write a blog post on the holiday, so therefore didn’t take an awful lot of pictures, but I really wanted somewhere to document our holiday & share them all! We drove Betsy (our 1934 Morris 10) over to Newhaven and got on the ferry to Dieppe. I was pretty nervous as this was the first time I had been on a ferry (unless you count the time I caught a ship from Manhattan to Liberty Island, except I got on the wrong one and ended up circling around the Statue of Liberty, then straight back to Manhattan! Oops.)

On the ferry making our way over to Dieppe.

The crossing went fine, it was actually pretty exciting! So once we got to Dieppe, we started to head West along the coast, and visited some beautiful towns along the way.

The first town we visited was Saint Valery-en Caux, then we headed SW towards Rouen. Now I had no idea how big Rouen was, but, boy, the roads were enormous! We didn’t really have a proper look around Rouen, as we were badly in need of food, so as much as I’m sure Rouen is a great shopping destination, I have no idea from my own personal experience! I did have someone run down the street after me begging me to give them my headscarf, which was pretty surreal! Once we had stopped in Rouen for the night, our next obstacle was to cross the river Seine. I managed to take this snap out of Betsy’s window as we had crossed the river, just look at the size of that bridge! Believe me, it was HUGE.

We then decided to head towards Honfleur, and it was by far the favourite place we visited! It was such a beautiful town, lots of cobbled streets filled with interesting shops, a harbour, golden sandy beaches and beautiful public gardens! A fantastic holiday destination. We stayed in an 18th century townhouse hotel, right at the top of the building; so the ceiling of our room was ‘v’ shaped!

A little bit over-excited on the carousel..

The harbour at Honfleur

The harbour viewed from the other side

Beautiful golden beaches! A bit different from Brighton’s stony pebble beaches!

The gorgeous public garden at Honfleur

The gorgeous public garden at Honfleur

As nightfall enfolded the town, everything was illuminated beautifully:

The carousel at night-time

Of course, we simply had to take some snaps of Ted too!

The hotel we stayed in

The hotel we stayed in

After we had managed to get some sleep, we awoke afresh to a new day! Kieren popped out in the morning whilst I was still faffing about with my hair (#vintagegirlproblems) and returned to tell me that there was a cat on a lead just outside the hotel. WHHHHAAAT? A cat. On. A. Lead. Now, I truly love cats, I mean – TRULY. So this sounded like all my Christmases’ come at once (after I had asked Kieren if the cat looked well looked after and happy, I mean, I’m all for cat’s on leads as long as they are loved and well cared for!) So here was me completely freaking out with excitement at this adorable little cat.

Completely surreal, a cat on a lead with a man playing music!

Not that you can see from the picture, but there was also a puppy in the box, which the cat decided to completely squash with it’s body!

Close-up of the cat, you can juuuust about see the puppy’s head between the cat’s paws!

After all that excitement, we decided to leave Honfleur on a high, and carry-on with our mission to head West! Next was a quick stop in Caen where we took these snaps from the castle walls:

We had some food (massssive pancakes!), then continued heading along the coast towards Cherbourg. We ended-up in Isigny-sur-Mer for the night, in a super-cute holiday chalet!

Me, my wonderful man Kieren; and Betsy outside the holiday chalet in Isigny-sur-Mer

I promise we didn’t coordinate or plan our outfits to match the chalet, although I know it looks that way! So, for our final day we headed towards Cherbourg where we would be getting the ferry across to Portsmouth, then home to Shoreham-by-Sea.

En-route, we spotted this cute cat so of course we had to stop and pull-over so I could stroke him!

Once we reached Cherbourg, we had a little look around (although everywhere was pretty-much closed, we didn’t realise but on Sunday’s not many places are open!) Oddly, we found this cute shop which only sells umbrellas! A whole shop full of them!

Umbrella anyone?

As we had a few hours before catching the ferry, we drove around a little bit and ended up on this pretty stretch of beach.

It was here that we decided to take some more pictures of Ted! (Yes, I went out especially and brought him a new suit for his little French adventure!)

 After we had finished taking pictures of Ted, we headed back towards Cherbourg. As we were driving, we passed a roadside café that had lots of wonderful Vespa’s and Lambretta’s in the driveway, so we did a U-turn and stopped to take some photos. It turned out, that the cool-than-cool owners of these 2-wheeled beauties were English, and were over on holiday from Leicester! I of course had to sit on one (just to see what it felt like, as I have recently passed my CBT and have my own 1965 Mobylette).

So after that, it really was time to get onto the ferry to return home to the UK!

I took this snap from the ferry window, you can just make out another ship, and to the right is the Isle of Wight just coming into view.

And with that, comes the conclusion to our French adventure! Betsy did awfully well on the French roads, particularly as we had no idea how steep and hilly Normandy would be! Overall, we had a fantastic time, we managed to stumble-across some Brocante’s (French vintage/antique markets), and our very limited grasp of the French language seemed to serve us reasonably! The only faux-pas we had; was when I ordered an apple pie with vanilla icecream, and instead got vanilla icecream with apple icecream (verdict on apple icecream? It’s certainly an acquired taste..) but otherwise, no hitches! We would definitely recommend Honfleur as a fantastic town to visit, we loved it!

Until next time, Au revoir!


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