Taking the steering wheel!

At the weekend, Kieren & I (as The Vintage News) went to report on Brooklands Great War 100, as part of the Great War Centenary Parade. We also reported from the Imperial War Museum the following day; as the Edwardian cars continued their parade before they would be then heading to Belgium.

This is a very short post of the Brooklands part of the event, there will be a full report, gallery & newsreel of the event on The Vintage News website (so make sure you add that to your browser favourites!)

Now, when I attended Brooklands Museum for the first time almost 2 years ago, me and Kieren inadvertently caught the eye of fantastic photographer Horst Friedrichs, who was compiling images for his book – Drive Style. This led to the pair of us posing next to Betsy (our 1934 Morris 10/4 motorcar). Horst then asked me to get into Betsy in the driver’s seat, and take the steering wheel as if I were about to drive off to some glamorous destination! These snaps taken on the day did indeed end-up in Horst’s book, and there is also a fabulous double-page spread of me holding the steering wheel, which is particularly amusing as I don’t have a driver’s license! We have a copy of the book, and treasure it greatly, if you would like to purchase a copy (and check out Horst’s other books) click here.

So this weekend, as I mentioned, there were about 40 beautiful Edwardian cars at Brooklands museum, most of them privately owned, all pre 1919. As Kieren and I were looking around and compiling our report, we were asked to pose in front of some of the vehicles, one of the people that we spoke to owned one of the pre 1919 cars, a stunning Austin. He asked me if I would like to get in it, well.. YEES! So yet again, this resulted in some pictures of me looking like I can actually drive a motorcar! (I can drive/ride a motorbike/scooter, but definitely do not have a full car license!)

So, it would seem me being asked to sit behind the steering wheel of beautiful classic cars is now becoming a frequent (and very welcome!) occurrence. Of course, I couldn’t resist honking the horn! (Yes, I enjoyed it greatly, just look at that childish expression of joy on my face!)

Until next time friends!


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