Bicycle Style

I was recently asked by the lovely Zoë from Cycle Vintage; to write a post on her wonderful blog about maintaining a vintage lifestyle (and look!) whilst cycling. You can read my ramblings over on Zoë’s blog here.

So at the weekend, I decided to don a typical ‘cycling’ outfit, and take my bicycle (named Emmy!) on a little ride around my local town. Usually I am on my own when I decide to go on bike rides, so I never get the opportunity to have any pictures taken of me with my bicycle, but for this jaunt Kieren came with me armed with his trusty camera!

The main inspirations behind my outfit were late 1950’s/early 1960’s style (which is a little later than my usual 1940’s look). Most of my outfit is original vintage, excepting the capri pants which I made myself.

As you can see from the pictures, I tied a vintage scarf around my hair to try to preserve my hairstyle as much as possible (a tip I recommend!)

Many thanks to Zoë for asking me to contribute to her blog, I feel so honoured!

Until next time dear readers!


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