Men seldom make passes..

At girl’s who wear glasses.. Now, of course we all know this to be completely untrue! Having been a spectacle wearing lady from the tender age of 9, I sure have clocked-up many a pair of frames.

From my very first pair (lilac with daisies in the upper winged corners), I knew that I always wanted to make a statement of my sight impediment, and not hide it. Although, having said that, like practically every teenager, I did go through an ’embarrassed to be seen in anything that is slightly different from the ‘cool kids’ phase’, which thankfully didn’t last too long.

My late 1940’s aquamarine spectacles

 I obtained my beloved aquamarine frames from trusty ol’ Ebay. And I absolutely adore them! They are French, late 1940’s frames, most likely made from Lucite. They feature delicate hand-carved acorns on the upper wings and hand-rolled pure gold legs (which I was most astonished to find out from the opticians). I decided to bid on them all those years ago on Ebay, as it was the colour of them that particularly lured me in, as – sounding terribly vain here sorry! – it is the same shade as my eyes, so I thought the frames would sit nicely on me. I never expected to win them, I was certain someone would outbid me, but luckily for me I nabbed them (for the grand sum of LESS THAN A FIVER. Including postage! Madness) Anyway, I was still doubtful that they would actually fit me, as I knew that some vintage spectacles were terribly small, with the lenses being rather close-together, but hurray for me, they were an absolute perfect fit! I feel with these frames that they were truly meant to be mine, and we have had a grand ol’ time of it for the past 7 years! (Excluding of course that time I trod on them stepping out of the shower.. a incident many a tear was shed over, but thankfully my local optician rescued them for me)

 Since then, I have obtained a few other vintage pairs (well I girl has to have options!) I have a late 1930’s tortoiseshell round pair, which I had fitted with reactions lenses so I can gaze into the sunlight and not be blinded, and a early 1960’s winged cat eye pair which suit my 1950’s and 1960’s outfits perfectly.

My late 1950’s/early 1960’s winged frames

Now of course, in order to wear and to actually SEE though these wonderful frames, I have had to have my own prescription lenses put in them. 7 years ago (I believe vintage frames were not as popular back then as they are now) I was literally scoffed and laughed-at by my optician, who incredulously exclaimed ‘but why would I want lenses put in these?’ To which I replied ‘Why all the better to see you with my dear!’ Long story short, my experience of modern-day opticians has not been too favourable, although I believe they are getting better now-a-days at dealing with vintage frames.

I now get all my frames re-lensed with the amazing I Need Spex. They are extremely quick, super friendly and offer brilliant customer service. They also now even offer their own vintage frames which they have sourced, and can put your prescription lenses in!

Another company of note, is the wonderful Madam’s Vintage. Owner Alex always has the most impeccable selection of frames, many of which she previews on her Instagram (which always has me ‘hearting’ away!) I think the aptly named Jennifer frames are just peachy!

If you need any guidance on the type of frames to best suit your face, place your peepers on this wonderful video, compiled by Glamourdaze:

Until next time dear readers!


3 thoughts on “Men seldom make passes..

  1. Jeanne Marie says:

    Great post! I’ve been wearing glasses since kindergarten and went through a very brief contact-lens phase. Sadly, once you hit your 40s, it all gets a little more complicated with bifocals/progressive lenses. Your aquamarine frames are gorgeous. What a wonderful find. LuLu Guinness makes some darling frames with a vintage feel. I had a pair of navy blue ones that I just loved.

  2. witness2fashion says:

    I am still kicking myself for not buying the glasses frames I saw in an optician’s shop near Victoria Station in the 1980s. They were black, white, and red. As I remember, they were divided vertically across the nose piece: one side was white, one side was or red, and the top outside corners were decorated with Scottie dogs — black with red accents on one side and white with red accents on the other. They were so outrageous that I was strongly tempted, but convinced myself that 1) I never dress to attract attention; 2) they were too expensive, 3) I’m not a dog person and 4) I rarely wear red — it makes my green eyes look gray and washed out. But, now that I am an old lady looking for nice, big, “statement” glasses frames, I regret that I can’t pull them out of a drawer and have my prescription installed. Looking back, wearing those glasses could have changed my life — really, as a designer I would have been instantly memorable, and directors would would have been more likely to hire me for less realistic plays. I’m glad I discovered your blog, and hope you are back to full strength soon

  3. Jenny Frances says:

    Oh those glasses sound so incredible! I had an original 1950’s red winged cat-eye pair that I sadly sold; and I really regret it now! I too thought that the red was too bright and a bold statement, which is why I sold them. Oh well, lots of other wonderful frames out there! Glad to have found your blog too, Jenny xx

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