Vegetable Melody

So, I do love a novelty print fabric, and frankly, the brighter the better. I found this wonderful vegetable print fabric last week when I was up in Birmingham, and I had to have it! It features onions, peppers, runner beans, tomatoes and many other weird & wonderful vegetables, not to mention the bright lemon background colour. I knew I wanted to use the fabric to make a housedress (but was also very tempted to make a blouse & skirt, I may just have to get hold of some more of this bonkers fabric!).

I decided to add orange ric-rac to trim the pockets, and a matching light orange cotton contrast to the pocket flaps, which I also made the belt & ties with.

As I prepared to leave the house, as it is entering Autumn here I grabbed hold of my mac to keep the cool breeze off my arms, and also grabbed my umbrella (just in case it started raining, you never know here!). Co-incidentally, both my mac and my umbrella are pale orange – also matching my outfit!  So I must have looked like the most co-ordinated person to on-lookers, when in actual fact, most of the elements of my outfit were pure chance!

We found a nice little duck pond where we took these photos, and also found this strange little ‘Bug Hotel’, I thought it would be funny to get a picture of it, but was pretty weary about getting too close to it, in case there were actual bugs residing in there!

Until next time dear readers!


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