The Classic Car Boot Sale

After hearing about the success of the first two events, we thought it would be nice to see what all the fuss was about.. So this weekend we hot-footed it up to London for Wayne Hemingway’s third Classic Car Boot Sale. This one was held at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, East London (where the previous two had been held at London’s Southbank), and boy, did we have a hard time finding the place! We drove up and parked in the Westfield Shopping Centre; which was (as stated by the website), the closest parking to the venue. This might have been the case, had we known where on earth we were going as we excitedly exited the car park, only to find – or rather not find as was the case – any signs or directions to the venue. It seems we exited the car park from the farthest exit, so we spent some time walking around in circles, looking for signposts, then eventually consulting our GPS on our phones.

It was only due to a friendly lady (thank you whoever you are!) who must have the seen the utter confusion on our faces, as she helpfully directed us to the venue. I would definitely say more signage would have been advantageous, as we were getting pretty fed-up of traipsing around in the rain looking for the car boot, and were getting close to giving up entirely.

Anyway, once we actually arrived we felt such relief!

There was plenty of food sellers – thank god as after our marathon walking around East London we were pretty hungry! The stalls were all layed-out enticingly, with high-quality merchandise to tempt buyers. On offer was: taxidermy, clothing – men’s & women’s, hats, accessories, magazines, retro technology, craft items, and much more.

The lovely ladies from Betty magazine were there, I have seen Betty online and have been meaning to get my eager hands on a copy, so it was lovely to be able to see the magazine ‘in the flesh’.

I was very excited to be awarded a rosette by the ladies from Betty magazine, as they were awarding ‘Best in Show’ for vintage style/clothing, so I wore my rosette with pride (and felt like a show pony, not a bad feeling at all!). The rosette is now proudly displayed in my work studio, along with some other precious mementos I have.

Overall, we had a very pleasant day, and the £4 entrance fee was very reasonable. I would say that the event itself was small, I thought there would be more classic cars on display; and I was hoping there would be much more Vespa’s & Lambretta’s to have a nose at. We also felt like it would have been enjoyable to have some forms of entertainment, dance demos/singing etc, although we were there for around 1 & half hours, so maybe there was but just not in the time that we were there.

Until next time dear readers!


One thought on “The Classic Car Boot Sale

  1. Jessy Shaw says:

    My husband has a great passion for vintage cars and he absolutely loved this sale! He found some rare auto parts in Chicago last summer for the old car he is fixing up. It is really great to see that America still has a passion for things that seemingly have gone the way of the wind.

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