Beach Hut Obsession..

I love beach huts. There is something about those bright, colourful little buildings, all lined up along the seafront that is almost dollhouse-esque. Sure, individually they are cute, but a whole line-up of them, all uniquely painted is just so adorably cheerful! Even on days when the sea may be stormy, it may be blowing a gale and pelting with rain, those little huts inject a ray of sunshine all of their very own out onto the seafront.

So I kind of went a tad over-the-top the other day as I was cycling along the seafront, and took a whole bunch of photos. These pictures were all taken on my phone, as when I set-out that day, I didn’t intend on taking pictures of anything really, so I didn’t have a ‘proper’ camera with me.

These particular beach huts are in Hove, just outside of Brighton (for international readers – UK).

Until next time dear readers!


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