Gloomy Weather and Cat Cuddles

After a rather glorious prolonged summertime, It seems the weather has finally turned decidedly Autumnal lately. This means – digging out all those 100denier tights, woollen jumpers, leather gloves and cloche hats. This particular hat I’m wearing came from the fabulous Mad Hatters in Brighton, in fact, most of my cloche hats come from there as they have such a varied selection.

I visited the local church yard to feed the squirrels, and was so delighted to see my old feline friend – Albert! (No idea if that is his actual name, but it’s the name I have given him.) I believe he lives in one of the nearby houses, and frequents the church yard trying to hunt squirrels (which he fails at dismally, luckily).

He is so wonderfully friendly, although on this occasion he was not so overjoyed to see me; as I had given-away his ‘hidden’ location to the squirrels he was trying to hunt!

As the weather is turning more towards Winter now, I am leaning towards a more muted colour palette in my attire, and experimenting with different pincurl sets in my hair. This set was created on day-old washed hair, sprayed with mixed setting lotion & water, then rolled under in small rolls. I usually use the handle of my powder brush to wind my hair around in order to create the pincurls, but decided to go for a smaller, tighter curl this time, so I used a Sharpie pen! The result looks definitely more late 1930’s than my other sets, which look more 1950’s usually.

Until next time dear readers!


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