Candlesticks and Tulle

I have been very inspired by ballgowns, tulle and ballet lately, all of which have influenced my recent style choices. A film that greatly influenced me as a child was The Tales of Hoffmann, 1951 directed by Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger. It has a crazily insane storyline, which actually borders on nightmarish, but the costumes & sets are incredible. As a child I would always ask my mother ‘can I watch that film with the candlesticks?’ as that is how I remembered the film when I was young. (Which is just as well, as the candlesticks & melted candles are one of the nicer images in the film, compared to shots of one of the characters clutching a handful of eyeballs or Moira Shearer being pulled apart).

Which brings me onto one of my latest outfits. I paired an original 1950s gown with a short-sleeved cotton sweater (because, well, it’s cold here), cotton day gloves and ballet pumps. I choose ballet pumps; because whilst I am not completely adverse to heels, I just prefer flat shoes as I can move quicker in them.

I brushed and rolled my hair under into a faux bob, as quite frankly, it took all of 4 minutes. Sometimes, a girl just can’t be fussed to spend 40 minutes doing her hair!

Until next time dear readers!


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