Outfit Catch-Up

Being honest here, this is a bit of a cop-out blog post. I have spent the last few weeks indoors recovering from an operation, and will likely have to spend longer recovering, so no pretty outfits for me for a while. *Sob*. However, this does not mean no pretty outfits for you! And, as it happens, I do have quite a few photos & blog post ‘material’ from the past 2 months, that for one reason or another, I hadn’t actually got around to writing or publishing.

So, this will probably be the first of a few ‘flash back to a few months ago and look at what I was wearing’ blog posts.

This was one abnormally bright Sunday morning on Brighton seafront, and, as the temperature was not too chilly, I decided to whip out my cape. Now, is it just me, or are capes and cloaks unusually difficult to wear? Firstly, you have to ensure the temperature outside is not freezing; or too hot, but juuust right. Then you have the whole

 what do I do with my arms?

fiasco. Arms in, and it looks like you suddenly don’t have any arms to speak of, arms out, and it kind of just looks – well – awkward. And crumpled. Well anyway, I managed to just about overcome these obstacles (long enough at least to have some snaps taken anyways!). The cape is one I found in a charity shop years ago, and get this – it’s reversible! Ah, so exciting! I made the capri pants, the gloves, belt, case & scarf are vintage.

Do you have the same drama’s with capes & cloaks that I seem to have (or is it just me..)

Until next time dear readers!


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