Ready In My Freddies!

Much like Luxulite, Freddies of Pinewood is another English vintage-reproduction label that seems to fill up my Instagram feed on a daily basis. I have known about Freddies for a few years, but had never (up until now) taken the plunge and purchased a pair. I am mostly a skirt-wearing, nipped-in waist kinda girl, so I was very unsure about the concept of jeans.

To be completely honest, I am still slightly unsure about jeans, sure, I have one pair which I have had for years, which I don when I know I am only doing chores like nipping to the local Tesco etc. But I would never consider them ‘weekend best’, and the idea of wearing them has never filled me with the same level of excitement a pencil skirt inspires.

But, I was curious about Freddies.. I wanted to experience for myself what all the other beautiful ladies on my social media channels were experiencing. So, I took the plunge, or rather, I feel like I have ‘dipped my toe in the water’; and purchased a pair of the Jeanettes. Like the name suggests, the Jeanettes are not fully-fledged jeans, but rather a cross between cropped jeans and capri pants. They are made from a lighter weight denim than standard jeans, and can be worn rolled-up, or down depending on your mood.

I adore the colour so much! The website describes the shade as pink, but I would definitely say it is more of a coral, salmon pink. I also coincidentally had an original vintage scarf that matched the shade perfectly, bonus.

I found the sizing difficult, but that is not specific to Freddies, I usually find sizing difficult. I am usually torn between ordering based on my waist, or ordering based on my hip measurement, and for these I went with my waist. They are still a bit roomy on the waist, but I ordered the smallest size they make, so a belt helps to nip-them in anyway. I think the only negative thing I would say about the Jeanettes, is the concealed zipper in the pocket is very difficult to zip-up, as you have to reach far down into the pocket to reach the zipper to pull it up. This could easily be remedied though by tying a thin ribbon loop on the zipper head, so you could reach and grab that to pull the zipper.

When my Freddies arrived, to my delight there was also a fantastic tote bag! I shall certainly be taking this shopping with me, as it’s a great size too.

Do any of you own a pair of Freddies?

Until next time dear readers!


4 thoughts on “Ready In My Freddies!

  1. Shauna says:

    Love these on you! I didn’t realise the Jeanettes came in this colour, it’s so lovely. I bought a pair of the Jeanies pedal pushers recently. I haven’t worn jeans for years but, like you, saw so many people on Instagram looking great in them that I decided I had to give them a go! 🙂

  2. Cate says:

    These look lovely on you! They look like a really great fit and I adore the colour. I tried a pair a few months ago but alas they didn’t quite look right with my dumpy legs and I ended up looking shorter! I definitely have my eye on a few of their tops, though!

  3. Taylor Phoenix says:

    I love the Jeanettes on you, you really suit the colour! I’m rather wary of purchasing trousers online, simply because I’m rather a “traditional” shape, and rather on the small side so I like to wait for a good sale or a good eBay deal; that way if they need altered I don’t mind so much either doing it myself or paying a dressmaker to alter them

  4. Janey says:

    I ADORE Freddies, owning two pairs, and clamoring for more! But like you, I did have a problem deciding which measurement to choose, waist to hip, but went with hip. Like you mentioned, yours being roomy, I know others have experienced that too, and that over time they do stretch out.

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