Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty,

Little ball of fur, happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr. If you hadn’t already gathered; I like cats. A lot. Ever since my parents bought Harry home (a ginger tom-cat) when I was 7 years old, who was swiftly accompanied by Comet (a golden-ginger insanely bonkers farm kitten) when I was 9, I have loved cats. Unfortunately, Comet only lasted about a year, as he was just too crazily energised for this world, and sadly met his end . When I was 14, Harry also moved on from this mortal coil, due to old age. Shortly after, we got Boris – a very large black long-furred Norwegian Forest Cat. Boris was the most friendly, loyal, cuddly cat, and would even walk to the end of the road and back with me! But, when I left home at 19; I think Boris took this rather personally, and on visits back to my parents, he was never as friendly towards me as he used to be. Poor Boris sadly passed on last year, at quite a ripe happy old age.

So, as you have gathered from my ramblings, I have had cats in my life since a young age, and adore them. So, a few months back when Miss Crayola Creepy announced her Cat Lady Sewing Challenge, I was so excited! I picked out a fabric, and even figured out how to join Flickr to share my finished images too. Except, as it does, life got in the way and I didn’t get around (or anywhere remotely close) to finishing my garment in time to complete the challenge. But, as I have started to feel a bit better lately, I had the energy last week to FINALLY cut out the fabric and make-up my top!

Now, don’t get me wrong, the top is by no means purrrfect (see what I did there? *giggle*). I only purchased 1 metre of the fabric, as it was pretty expensive, and as it turned out, yep – 1 metre wasn’t quite enough. In my defense, I brought the single metre with the intention to make a cute little sleeveless blouse (so 1 metre would have been sufficient), but then I changed my mind.

In the photos I cannily hid the less-than-perfect bits, but I’ll tell you what it was. Basically, I cut the front on the CF fold, all fine and dandy. The back however, I couldn’t cut on the fold – at least with the cats facing all upwards, as there was not enough fabric. So, I decided to cut the back in 2 pieces, adding a S/A for the CB seam. Only, there was only enough fabric to make ONE of these pieces with the cats facing upwards, the other piece had to have them facing sideways! In all honesty, it doesn’t look too bad, and I often wear cardigans over tops anyways.

The pattern itself is one I adapted from a 1948 dress pattern, as I didn’t seem to have any ‘top’ sewing patterns (other than blouses). Even though I have it tucked in here, the hem length hits just a smidge below my hipbone, so would be cute worn untucked too.

You can view all the participents of the Cat Lady Sewing Challenge’s finished items here.

Did you participate in the Cat Lady Sewing Challenge? I think it is such a fabulous idea, I’m excited to see if Miss Crayola Creepy will host another sewing challenge!

Until next time dears!


One thought on “Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty,

  1. Maja Ćorić says:

    Everyone I know seem to be sporting kitty-clothes. Note to self: MUST get some kitty-chothes.
    No, seriously, from one cat-person to another: keep on flaunign it! 🙂


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