A Brightonian Winter

With the onset of December, it seems the weather has finally decided to drop in temperature. With Christmas just around the corner (two weeks away!), my attention is fully turned to the task of Christmas shopping. This year, I have actually completed most of my Christmas shopping online, from sites like Etsy, and other various small companies & independent artists. However, it is charmingly festive to wander the streets of Brighton and gaze at the decorations, the twinkling lights, and the unchanging pier which remains seemingly oblivious to the mania that December 25th incites.

I visited a few of my ‘old favourites’ – namely Lush, Choccywoccydoodah (gosh, try spelling that when you are inebriated!) and the Pavillion Gardens.

I also decided to have a little peep at the Pier, or rather Piers, as Brighton has two – the West & the East pier. The East pier is the ‘main’ Pier, whilst the West is sadly disappearing before our eyes due to a fire & various storms over the years.

I managed to capture this shot of the West Pier from the East Pier, viewed through one of the stands on the pier. I love the pastel colours, so cheering!

Which brings me onto my outfit. The skirt is one I made from 100% cotton drill, I found the cardigan in a charity shop, it was super-cheap as it was missing all it’s buttons.. so I took that golden opportunity to spend an absurd amount of time staring at vintage buttons online. I found these lemon confetti Lucite buttons, which are original 1940’s – so pretty!

My rosette is by Jade Boylan – a WONDERFUL illustrator whose work I greatly admire. I have ordered a t-shirt from Jade with one of her adorable Candy Doll’s on, I am beyond excited for it to arrive! Rest assured you will see me prancing around in it right here at some point in the future.

Also, on the subject of Christmas, I posted my Chronically Vintage Secret Santa gift to it’s recipient today, I hope they love it! And; I have a confession to make.. I actually received my Secret Santa gifts a few days ago, but I want to wait until after Christmas day to tell you what they were! (I opened them by accident, which I know sounds completely phoney, but it’s true!) But, if you are reading this the wonderful person who picked out my gifts – you were spot on! I LOVE THEM.

Are you all prepared for Christmas?

Until next dears!


3 thoughts on “A Brightonian Winter

  1. Taylor Phoenix says:

    Not in the slightest! I’ve only just written my cards (the few that I do) – one of them is to go to Australia, so I know that will be late(!); though the rest should be on time. I need to wrap & post my CV gift, I think that will probably be posted on Monday now; then I have family presents etc to tackle – most are bought, but need wrapped, and some need posted too…I wish we could have an extra fortnight off work for all of this! 😉

  2. Jenny Frances says:

    Taylor, I still need to wrap up everything (hoping to lock myself away in an excessively Christmassy room with White Christmas movie playing, surrounded by baubles & glitter to do so!) It seems no matter how much I plan, Christmas does seem to creep-up on me, every single year! Am almost done, few more bits & bobs to get. And don’t even get me started on food.. I attempted to bake mince pies recently – what a disaster that was! 🙂 🙂 Wishing you a lovely Christmas dear xxx

  3. Taylor Phoenix says:

    I have the joys of wrapping presents on the coffee table in the front room, or the lino floor in the kitchen…it’s not really any wonder I put it off so 😉
    And the same to you xx

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