A Very Merry Christmas & Secret Santa Gift Exchange

As most of my regular readers (hello you lovely bunch!) may know; this year I participated in Jessica’s Vintage Secret Santa Gift Exchange. I thought the whole concept was such a lovely idea, and I took great care in selecting presents for my match (I possibly went a bit over-the-top, I just got too excited about the whole idea!)

I received my gifts from my match a few weeks ago, but wanted to wait until now to blog about the experience. Also, I was initially planning to wait until Christmas day to open my Secret Santa gift, but I actually opened it by accident. Oops.

I received some super cute heart pins in a multitude of colours, some patterned buttons, and the much-coveted Gertie Sews Vintage Casual – A Modern Guide to Sportswear Styles of the 1940s and 1950s. How lucky was I!? In a strange sequence of events, I had only recently started to read Gertie’s blog. I had heard of her blog previously, but had never actually looked into her works in further detail, until about 6 weeks ago. I then saw that she had published her Gertie Sews Vintage Casual book, and immediately wanted to get my eager hands on it! I hadn’t told anyone about it, shared my lust of the book on social media or anywhere, so it was truly as if my Secret Santa had actually read my mind.. Spooky – but FANTASTIC!

The book features beautiful illustrations throughout.

The book features beautiful illustrations throughout.

Thank you so much to my Secret Santa, you did a wonderful job at sussing me out! A MASSIVE thank you to Jessica of Chronically Vintage for dreaming up & organising the Secret Santa Gift Exchange, I truly loved being a part of it and hope to take part again next year!

To all of my wonderful readers, I wish each & every one of you a wonderful Christmas, filled with love, happiness and joy.

All my love, Jenny xxx


3 thoughts on “A Very Merry Christmas & Secret Santa Gift Exchange

  1. Jeanne Marie says:

    What a wonderful gift. The buttons are amazing! I agree that Jessica is THE BEST for organizing Vintage Secret Santa. I plan to participate again next year as well.

  2. Jessica Cangiano says:

    What magnificently lovely gifts!!! Those heart pins are so darling! The paper crafter in me went weak in the knees for both them and the buttons. I haven’t read this book from Gertie yet, but even though I’m not a sewer, I know I would lap up every last word, too (I’ve been a fan of her blog and work for ages).

    Thank you so much for the touchingly beautiful post and words about the VSS. I’m genuinely thrilled that you took part and love that you’re already eager for next year’s – I am as well.

    Many thanks again & have a seriously fantastic holiday season, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Taylor Phoenix says:

    What a wonderful gift, I’m rather jealous! My secret santa gift must be held up in the mail, but I saw that my parcel had safely made it to its’ destination and was well received, which I was happy to see…I always worry about that sort of thing (hoping the recipient likes their gift(s) as intended), but I’m looking forward to next year’s already too.

    I hope you have a wonderful christmas & new year!

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