Red is the Colour

As much as I adore knee-length dresses and gowns, 1940’s A-line skirts, 1950’s full skirts and 1930’s straight cut skirts, I realised my wardrobe was very much lacking anything full-length. Literally, all my skirts and dresses ended just on or below the knee.

As Kieren and I have been taking ballroom dancing classes for the past year or so, we thought it would be nice for me to have a full-length evening dress for us to dance together.

As I am a seamstress, of course I could have made an evening gown for myself, but as a little treat, Kieren decided to lavish upon me a made-to-measure dress! It was wonderful choosing the style and design of the dress, selecting the fabric and then finally the colour.

I was so excited to try-on lots of different dresses and styles! Usually, I hate trying clothing on, and I adopt a very ‘male’ method of shopping – get in the shop, go straight to what I know I want, buy it, get out of said shop. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good mooch in vintage & antique shops, but most of the time, I get bored in shops quite quickly, so I try to get the actual act of shopping over and done with as swiftly as possible!

But there was something so special about trying on lots of beautiful dresses, musing over the fabrics & colours, the necklines, the back details.. it all made me feel like a princess.

We entrusted Velvet Birdcage Boutique to the task of making the dress, and as a strange coincidence, it turned out their boutique was only 7 miles away from our home! When we thought of all the places that it could have been based, we were astonished at our luck.

I can’t wait to waltz in it!

Until next time dears!


4 thoughts on “Red is the Colour

  1. Cate says:

    What a stunning dress and you look so beautiful in it! And lucky you, having one made just for you. Like you, I always seem to be the one making the dress. It must’ve been exciting to have been on the other side of things.

  2. Jessica Cangiano says:

    What a dramatically beautiful ensemble, dear gal. I love that you partnered a vivid lipstick red dress with sheer, pale gloves. The combination is striking and immensely glamorous.

    ♥ Jessica

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