Crowned a Vintage Queen

After being an avid admirer of Lena Weber’s Queens of Vintage site, I was thrilled to wake-up to the news that I am featured as one of her Vintage Queens!

Here are a few of the pictures which appear in the feature, for the rest of the snaps and the feature itself, click here.

Many thanks to Lena for honouring me with the title of Vintage Queen, I am humbled to be amongst all the other inspiring Vintage Queens featured!

Until next time dears! x


5 thoughts on “Crowned a Vintage Queen

  1. Maja Ćorić says:

    You know..
    You deserve th ebe crowned a queen.
    I have been lurking around (such a nasty word.. “lurking”) and decided to leave this comment because I do think you deserve every bit of praise.. you are a vintage-queen. Wear your crown proudly 🙂


  2. Jenny Frances says:

    Oh thank you so much Marija, that is so lovely of you! I adore your blog too, the Love Stories are excellent, and I particularly enjoyed Bernice Bobs her Hair! Fully lurk for evermore my dear! xxx

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