Lucky Dip Club – Valley Of The Unicorns

When I joined Instagram just over a year ago, I had no idea of the world of possibilities awaiting me. Surely, it was just like every other social media site – you join so you don’t feel ‘left behind’, share a few things, browse a few things, all very nonchalantly, then inevitably get bored and either cut right down on usage/sharing, or leave altogether. But, not so with Instagram. Oddly, this photo-sharing site has captured me like no other has, tugged at my heart strings, inspired me on so many levels, and led me to wonderful bloggers, business associates and friends all over the globe.

One of the intriguing things about the site is, it allows users to upload images that may leave you craving more, hence how blog readerships/associations/customer relationships are formed. This is exactly how I found out about the mysteriously wonderful Lucky Dip Club.

What exactly is Lucky Dip Club? Well, each month, a box of assorted goodies is put together by Leona (the genius behind Lucky Dip Club) containing cute kitsch items all based on a theme. The theme of each box is usually released just before the box release date itself; which is always 7am on the 1st of each month. Then, the boxes are packaged-up and popped in the post, to be received by you towards the end of that same month. The wonderful thing is, apart from knowing the theme of the box, you will not have any clue as to what your box will contain.. it’s a mystery! Hence the name – Lucky Dip Club. And the extra exciting thing is, your box will contain a special personalised item just for you! Eep, how exciting is that?

So, at the end of December, after seeing everyone’s unveilings of their December boxes across social media (but mostly Instagram), I thought January is going to be the month that I order a box. Then, much to my excitement, the theme of January’s box was revealed.. as ‘Valley of the Unicorns’! So, at 7am on New Year’s Day, a much-bleary-eyed me reached for my computer device to place my order. I should mention here, that you can subscribe to Lucky Dip Club, which then means that you don’t have to wake-up at 7am to order your box each month (unless it’s your first box to start your subscription with).

So, I then went back to sleep dreaming of unicorns, rainbows and magical valleys. And as the end of January loomed ever-closer, I started to watch out for Mr Postman in the manner of an aggravated hyper-squirrel, eager to receive my box of unicorn magic!

And, boy it was worth the anticipation.

Cute notebooks, a personalised necklace, super-shiny brooch, stickers, labels and more!

I really enjoyed reading the cute zine that came with the box too, I believe this is the first one Leona has produced, and it was great to read a little background information on the artists and makers involved in the production of the boxes.

Lucky Dip Club has been hugely successful, and I’m sure is set for even greater success in 2015! I for one, LOVE my box of unicorn wonders, and shall be using the stickers & notepads frequently. You can read more about Lucky Dip Club & Leona here. Order your box or subscription here (but be quick, remember the boxes launch on the 1st of every month, and usually sell-out a couple of HOURS later!)

Until next time dears! xx


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