Warm Hands, Warm Heart

I have a confession to make. There has been a vintage item I have been lusting after for a long time now. Seeing other ladies with this wonderful accessory only made me more determined to seek-out my own; but it had to be just right. The right size, shape and material. I am talking about a vintage muff/handwarmer! For years now, I have wanted my own one, but have never managed to find one that quite fits my specification – until now! At Christmas time, my mission to find one of these was kick-started by Cate’s lovely blog Vintage Gal. She blogged here about a beautiful fur tippet from UK based company Helen Moore, which also featured matching wrist cuffs (how adorable!?) This led me onto perusing Helen Moore’s website, only to find that she offers a selection of beautiful muffs; all with accessories to match.

So, I had bookmarked the muff I wanted to eventually buy, but – something else came along. As most vintage-loving persons must tend to do, I spend many an evening lost on Etsy, browsing items, ‘hearting’ things etc. It was on Etsy that I eventually found my perfect muff!

I should explain that, a few weeks prior to purchasing said muff, I found a beautiful vintage coat in a little shop in St Leonards on Sea. This coat had black fur trimming on the collar & cuffs, and the muff that I found on Etsy had the very same matching fur! Well, now as it matched my new-to-me coat; I simply had to have it, and my dears – it was going for a very low price, as it needed some sewing & repair work doing which of course I was more than happy to do. In the end, I added layers of wadding, re-lined it, added a chain to be worn around my neck, and then hand-stitched the original flaws as described on the Etsy listing. So finally, I have a beautiful original vintage muff! And, it does indeed keep my hands deliciously warm and toasty!

I decided to wear it at the weekend with my coat, and a beautiful cornflower blue original 1940s jacket I also found on Etsy (you can see I wasn’t telling a falsehood when I said I spend A LOT of time on Etsy..) The jacket was also going for a ridiculously low price, and even though it is slightly big on the waist, otherwise it is perfect. It is a Moordale jacket, with the label reading: ‘Moordale Junior Suits A Size… Not an Age’. So cute!

Just before the weekend, I also finished making the Plus-Fours I had been making for Kieren, so he was able to wear them to work this week, and indeed on the weekend. These were a bit of a personal challenge for me to make, I made them from a Mrs Depew vintage pattern (also on Etsy.. ok, ok, I know I have a problem!), which I then scaled to his measurements. They have a fly-zip, concealed side pockets, and original vintage 1940’s buckles at the calf to gather in the hem. These were the first item I have made for a male, but certainly won’t be the last (matching waistcoat may also be in the pipeline).

And finally, as it was Valentine’s weekend, I decided to wear my suit jacket with a large splash of romantic red!

Until next time dears xx


5 thoughts on “Warm Hands, Warm Heart

  1. Cate says:

    Oh there’s so much I want to comment on, but first of all thank you for the mention. I was very surprised to see my name as I started reading!

    I love, love, love that muff. It’s just so gorgeous and I’m very jealous you found a vintage one that looks so good. I’m not sure I’d have the patience to fix it all mind you.

    I also adore your cornflower jacket. That is a real find. The shape is nothing like what is produced these days and fits you so beautifully. I’m also jealous of you finding bargains on Etsy. I always get so annoyed by how much people charge for things.

    Lastly, those plus fours! They are just spiffing and your man looks rather dapper in his weekend outfit. Just fabulous!

    Brilliant post xx

  2. Jenny Frances says:

    Thank you Cate!
    I love all the things Helen Moore makes, thank you so much for introducing me to her company! I may just have to treat myself later in the year to some cute little wrist cuffs!
    LOVE your latest blog post on the 1930s; so much to covet & admire!

  3. tovintagelizze says:

    what a great outfit..and etsy finds! I totally understand how one can get lost in Etsy, so many pretty things to look at 🙂 High five for the muff! that is a pretty amazing one too. It’s on my wish list as I could use it a lot living here in Canada.

    Wonderful post 🙂

  4. Randi says:

    Oh, golly, that muff– it’s the thing of my childhood dreams! In fact, the whole ensemble is pretty dreamy and so well put together. I particularly love the colored seam in your stockings, such little details make this outfit absolute perfection!

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