Everything Stops for Tea

At the beginning of the week I took a jaunt up to London to go fabric shopping & to source samples. Now, as I am crazily organised, I like to meticulously plan every little detail of the trip, especially as I knew I would be travelling on my own. (One of my mottos in life – always be prepared. Along with the gem – soon as started, soon as done – I have my Mom to thank for that one).

So, once I had mapped-out and planned which shops and areas I needed to visit, I then turned my attention to the all important matter of – where to stop for tea. Which in my view as a tea addict, is extremely important. A quick browse on Google led me to discover Betty Blythe’s Tearoom in West London. It was kind-of in the right area for me to get to, taking into account the areas of London where I would be visiting, but I knew I would pretty much have to ‘power walk’ to/from the teashop in order to keep my day and plans on track. But, as in the title of this blog post – everything stops for tea in my book.

So off I went, having consulted my print-out of which roads to do my ‘power-walking’ down, and indeed, once I had left the hubbub of Shepherd’s Bush station behind me, the roads turned pleasantly quiet and residential. Around 15 minutes of intense walking later, I arrived at the tearooms.

Small but perfectly formed, the décor certainly didn’t disappoint. The parlour was a beautifully uplifting lemon hue, with a large counter proudly displaying lots of cake.. ooohhhh cake…

I had a standard English Breakfast tea, although many teas were on offer on the menu. I also had a slice of the carrot cake, I practically inhaled in, I must have been hungry from all that walking! After asking the ladies in the tearoom if it was agreeable to take photographs, they kindly offered to take my picture (which surprised me, as I was only wanting pictures of the tearooms, hence the resulting picture of me looking a bit gangly and awkward).

From online research and reading, I believe there is a downstairs to the tearoom, which is used for hen parties and the like. However, I only saw the upper portion of the tearooms, as can be seen in these pictures.

Overall, even though my visit was very short, it was certainly very sweet. I would recommend paying Betty Blythe’s a visit, it is a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, and a little haven of 1920s recreated in West London.

Find Betty Blythe’s Tearoom at:
 73 Blythe Road
Brook Green
London W14 0HP

Closest Tube Stations: Shepherd’s Bush and Hammersmith.
Only 10 minutes away from Westfield shopping centre


One thought on “Everything Stops for Tea

  1. Wendy Bayford says:

    What a lovely tea room, there is nothing like a good cuppa tea, ooh and a slice of carrot cake too, that makes it all the better! I love that you are so organised, I am totally the same, my years in the Girl Guides certainly helped me!

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