The Classic Car Boot Sale at Southbank

Having previously visited last years Classic Car Boot Sale (see my post here); we decided to pop along to the latest event held at London’s Southbank.

So on Saturday morning, after waking up obscenely early, off to London we went! It was an extremely cold day, but luckily the rain held-off so at least it was dry.

I had initially planned to wear a dress (with my coat keeping me warm over the top of course), but it was soo cold that I changed my mind and opted for a wool-mix grey suit instead. Thank the stars I did, I was shaking with cold the entire time, and actually couldn’t feel my hands – even though I was wearing gloves. Brrrr!

Bizarrely, I usually find at vintage events that I hardly ever buy anything, so I was very excited to come away with a few bits and bobs on Saturday. I found an original women’s magazine from 1946 which is full of wonderful pictures and stories (possible post on that soon); and a job lot of antique lace which is simply beautiful. Kieren also came away with some original 1930s ties, so we both had a few new goodies to delight over.

My full report and musings of the event (along with lots of pictures) can be viewed over on the Vintage News website here.

Until next time dears!

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