The Many Faces Of A Hairstyle

So today I thought I would share an amusing post with you. For those of us that style our hair in complicated vintage styles, we all know the sometimes laborious process we have to go through. The pincurl setting 24 hours prior to when you want your hair to look good (requires organisational skills of Poirot’s Miss Lemon let me assure you); the unpredictability of The Brush Out (will the hair God’s smile or frown upon me today), and the inevitable ‘where did all my kirby grips go’ mystery.

So, whilst I was styling my hair last weekend, Kieren decided to take these snaps of me. At first I felt rather self-conscious, but then I just concentrated on the task at hand – styling my hair. And this resulted in some rather bemusing pictures of me pulling various facial expressions..

I had set my hair on the Friday. On the Saturday I brushed-out and left my hair loose (the first day of my set); I actually spent half the day outside. This usually destroys any curl or wave in my hair, but not so on this occasion. When I got home I left my hair as it was, didn’t brush it, and went to bed. On the Sunday (when these pictures were taken), I simply started to brush it & style it as desired. I was actually surprised at how well this particular set lasted, as I had only lightly used hairspray, and was outside for quite a considerable amount of time in total. The Hair Gods obviously seemed appeased with me that weekend!

I was going-for a simple half-up / half-down style, so I had sectioned off my hair at the front in order to style these sections into rolls and pincurls. The back I just brushed through, using my hand to form the waves.

As you can see, when styling my hair I usually do not wear my glasses (unless to look at the back in the mirror), as I find the legs of my spectacles get in the way.

And finally ta-da! I had finished. I had planned to wear a hat, so I had already ‘tested’ whereabouts on the head the hat would sit, so I would know where to position the rolls & pincurls.

A final note, you may have noticed my blog has had a little makeover! It should now be easier to navigate and find what you are looking for, hurrah!

Until next time dears, in the meantime – Happy Hair Adventures! x


6 thoughts on “The Many Faces Of A Hairstyle

  1. Wendy Bayford says:

    What great photo’s! you can totally see the concentration on your face but you still look super glamorous, I would be a gurning mess, haha! I love the new blog layout too, its very smart! 🙂

  2. kateylucilleh says:

    I love pincurls. Tricky to get the hang of, but worth it when you’ve got it! 🙂 This is what I miss about not having long hair. It’s sad, whenever I were my vintage clothes it feels weird not having the hair from that era…except maybe the 60s. Great post. I love your blog.

  3. Jenny Frances says:

    Thank you Katey! It has taken me about two years to get the hang of pincurls, both the technique itself & how my hair wants to react & behave. And short hair can totally look great – just think of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, when she gets her hair cut! (I love that scene). 🙂 xx

  4. kateylucilleh says:

    Yeah, it took me about the same amount of time to get the hang of them! I wonder if pincurls can work on really short hair like mine. I’ll have to try it and see 🙂

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