Feeling Lucky With Jitterbuggin

Every now and then, when I am feeling particularly lucky & wistful, I decide to enter competitions. A few weeks ago, I must have been experiencing a particularly wistful & lucky phase, as I entered a competition over on Ally’s blog; The Vintage Valley. I was so excited & thrilled to discover that I been chosen as the lucky winner – (yipppeeee!). My prize was store credit over in Kim’s store; Jitterbugggin, and a choice of headbands & earrings by the lovely Louise from A Little Bit of Prettiness.

Let me tell you, I certainly didn’t waste any time choosing & selecting my items! From Jitterbuggin, I choose the Hawthorne Pinafore in Burgundy. It was a very tough choice, as basically I wanted everything! I loved the Ankeny Slacks and the Roseway Aviation Blouse too, but eventually decided to add to my collection of pinafores with this lovely one. I normally would have defaulted to the green colour-way (as the Hawthorne Pinafore comes in green, navy, light blue and off white, as well as burgundy), but I already have both green and navy pinafores that I have made myself.

I love the shade of the burgundy, it’s not normally a colour I am drawn to, but I love that this version is quite a bit on the brown side, rather than red.

I paired the pinafore with a blouse I made myself, based on an original 1940s sewing pattern. The fabric is a wonderfully light and soft cotton lawn, which I picked up from my local fabric store. I decided to draft my own collar, as I fancied a Peter Pan collar rather than a standard pointed collar.

And, of course, my squirrely brooch friend is the lovely Saskia Squirrel by Erstwilder! I was lucky enough to receive this as a birthday gift from my sister a few months back.

From A Little Bit of Prettiness, I chose the Tropical Red & Blue Earrings, the Orange Earrings – which I am wearing in these pictures, the ’50s Red Spot Headband, and a grey floral headband too. I received the package in record time, I think it was only just over a week, and it had come all the way from Australia! The headbands really are a spark of genius. They contain wire, so you can bend, shape and twist them any which way, and they stay put!

For the picture location, Kieren and I were up in the Midlands for the weekend visiting my family, as it was my Dad’s birthday. We decided to take these pictures just before we popped round to my Dad’s, as at the top of the village there is this lovely swivel and footbridge over the canal. Luckily the weather was bright and beautiful, and it wasn’t too chilly.  A few canal boats did go past, and of course, our presence generated some bemused and puzzled looks (but that generally happens anyways!)

I want to say a massive THANK YOU to Ally for running this competition, and to both Kim and Louise for being so lovely and putting up with my hyper-active over-excited emails!

Find Ally’s blog here

Visit Jitterbuggin here

Visit A Little Bit of Prettiness here.

Anyways, I do hope you all had a truly lovely Easter and Bank Holiday Weekend!

Until next time dears!


8 thoughts on “Feeling Lucky With Jitterbuggin

  1. Jenny Frances says:

    Aw, thank you Nora! I usually don’t wear dark colours that much, so I decided to wear the pinafore with possibly the BRIGHTEST colours imaginable! Ha ha! xx

  2. Cate says:

    I came across Jitterbuggin’ a little while ago when I spotted their Roseway Aviation Blouse on Etsy. I added that blouse to my wish list straight away! I love the pinafore you chose, it looks really fab on you. I also seriously love those shoes! They are amazing. xx

  3. Maja Ćorić says:

    My dear, dear lady..
    You look great.
    The dress is versatile,a nd it’s something that can be worn any time, anywhere.. combined in so many ways. And, mind me saying: the shirt you made is pure art!

    All in all – looking great, darling! 🙂


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