Pansies And Straight Hair

For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen my ‘look my hair is straight shock-horror’ post. So, let’s start at the beginning..

My natural hair is past my shoulders, very fine & flyaway, and as poker-straight as is humanly possible. I also don’t seem to have many actual hairs on my head, and weirdly, my hairdresser pointed out to me that I actually have MORE hair on my right side of my head than my left. Bizarre I know. As I colour my hair every 3 weeks (just at the roots); the whole process takes soo long, that by the end of it I often cannot be fussed to then begin setting my hair.

So, after colouring my hair Sunday morning, I then left it to dry naturally, and this is the result. No, I have NEVER used straighteners, my hair is naturally as straight as a ruler. I’m sure some women would love to have my hair type, but I despise it! It’s too fine to do anything with, and it just ‘slips’ out of any style I try. Which is why I set my hair. Setting my hair creates volume, curls and waves, and makes my hair manageable; so I can actually work with it.

So anyway, after this post; don’t expect to see many pictures of my straight hair, as it really doesn’t see the light of day often, let alone a camera lens!

It was a windy, blustery day when these pictures were taken, hence me looking a tad windswept in some of the snaps!

I picked up the cardigan I am wearing from Clobber in Pokesdown (just outside Bournemouth); when I visited last week. For a FABULOUS guide to shopping in Bournemouth, do check out Cate’s blog post on Vintage Gal here.

I made the skirt from some fabric I picked up in London, it’s a lovely cotton lawn fabric with pansies printed on it! I whipped it up in less than 2 hours, using a pattern from 1949. I do love a full skirt for the summer time, I only hope we get to enjoy some more sunny weather soon!

Until next time dears!


10 thoughts on “Pansies And Straight Hair

  1. Cate says:

    Hahaha, I tried that cardigan on!! My mum put me off buying it (I should never listen to her!) but now I know it was destined to be yours. It looks so lovely on you and I love the crochet flower brooches you’ve added to it.

    Now on to the hair! I too have straight hair, although it does have the odd kink in it, it’s a bit shorter than yours now but it is very thick and I have tons of it. Any sort of curling takes forever and by the end of it my arms ache so bad. Ordinary bobby pins don’t hold it in place so I have to use industrial strength ones and don’t even get me started on back-combing which just literally falls out the minute I’ve done it. I’d love to have less of it like you but then we all want what we don’t have! I think you still look gorgeous with it straight and sometimes it’s good to embrace the au naturel look.

  2. Jenny Frances says:

    Oh my gosh, I actually think we are sisters separated at birth! How strange that you tried that cardigan on! I actually nearly missed it, as I was on my way out when I just spotted it by the door. I tried on a few dresses, but they were all in desperate need of repairs (and sometimes I think the amount of work required vs the amount of money to buy it in the first place isn’t always worth it).
    It didn’t occur to me that if I had more hair it would take longer to set it, but now it’s obvious! Back-combing drops out of my hair too, thank god for Tresemme hairspray haa ha!
    It would be so lovey to meet you in person if we are ever at the same events etc in the future, I’m sure we would get on like a house on fire! xxx

  3. Cate says:

    Oh yes, I would love that! Actually my mum and I are going to take a weekend trip to Brighton some time this year so if you’re around perhaps we can meet up for an ice-cream on the beach xxx

  4. tovintagelizze says:

    I 100% beyond a doubt hear ya! While I don’t have more hair on one side of my head then other I do have poker straight hair, thin can’t do anything with on it’s on as well. I was thrilled when I finally figured out how to set my hair because I thought vintage hairstyles was something I could never have. For myself though for work I usually just leave my hair straight but when I going out to a vintage event, activity etc. my hair always gets set….a must.

    thanks for sharing this post about your hair 🙂


  5. chelseyelisabeth710 says:

    My hair, like yours, could not be straighter. Everyone I know has thick wavy or curly hair while mines always been pin straight and limp and everyone envies me! I never understood why because I can never do anything with. Even hair pins fall out most of the time. UGH! I love when I actually do something (like set my hair) but I work from home so I usually don’t feel the need haha

  6. Gemma says:

    Curly or straight, you’re a beauty.

    I LOVE Clobber, I used to visit there all the time back in our uni days!! In fact, I have a ridiculous amount of vintage shoes that I daren’t wear any more but are too precious to give away! Hahaha! Maybe I can find a nice spot on my book shelf for a pair or two!! ; )


  7. Maja Ćorić says:

    My dear gal,
    Your hair looks liberated – I like it this way, too (yoeah, I know you’ve mastered the art od curling it) – but it is FUN to see you like this.


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