Pincurl Brushout Hair Tutorial – With Film!

Last week I unleashed my introductory film upon you all, and this week.. *Drumroll* I present to you my Pincurl Brushout presentation! (Click the play button below to start viewing, or alternatively, view the film directly in Youtube here).

I was convinced that as I had planned to shoot this film, then of course my set would turn out to be rubbish, or be a flop. However, luckily the hair gods seemed to smile upon me, and the set turned out pretty well. There are however a few issues with the film itself, which no amount of editing could sort out (unless I wanted to shoot the entire film again, which – after all my hard work, I DID NOT want to do!). There are a few issues with background noise, and the light balance seems to go a bit haywire towards the end of the film, but please please bare with me! This is only my second video I have put together, so I am still learning from my mistakes.

In the film, I talk about what setting lotion I use, how long I keep my set in for so that it is throughly dry, how I brush the curls to create a wave and more.

In the speeded-up sections, I wasn’t entirely sure I was going to alter the speed until I got onto the edit machine and realised the film would be SUPER BORING if I had not speeded-up these parts. This is why you can see me jabbering on, although I am not really saying anything of much importance, so fear not – you have not missed any pearls of wisdom from me!

I hadn’t actually realised how red my hair is until I viewed the footage, it’s strange how you don’t realise some things about your own physical appearance!

In case any of you are wondering where I got my lovely raspberry necklace from, it was a recent Etsy purchase from Sofia’s Garden.

I hope you all enjoy the film, and hopefully I have been able to help your hair woes in some small way! I’ll leave you with a shot of the ‘final finished’ brushout.. it looks like I am having a little snooze!

Until next time dears!


8 thoughts on “Pincurl Brushout Hair Tutorial – With Film!

  1. cuttlefishlove says:

    Ooh, love it! I have completely poker straight (and very fine flyaway) hair, and I literally can’t do anything with it! I can’t believe what a strong curl the setting lotion produces!

  2. wardrobe experience says:

    Great tutorial!
    If I would brush my hair that much after setting it … there would be no curl left … maybe a little wave in the ends. My hair is a bitch, if it comes to curling it!

  3. Jenny Frances says:

    I definitely think it helps to start with a wet-set, so just wash your hair as normal, then when it is still wet, begin rolling up the hair. I have to leave mine at least 14 hours to dry properly, so I usually do the set one day or 24hrs before I need to ‘unleash’ it 🙂 I hope this helps! I spent a good few years despairing at my dropped-out curls as I was using heated products & tools, but I think the wet-set is the way forward for a strong curl! 🙂 xx

  4. Jenny Frances says:

    Honestly, my hair hates holding a curl too! But you can see I brush it LOADS in the tutorial, and it still has curl & wave left in it. I definitely think starting with a wet-set is the best way to get a good strong curl into your hair. Hope this helps! 🙂 xxx

  5. stitchesinlife says:

    I came here a roundabout way from Instagram, and I know this is a slightly older post but this is one of the better tutorials I’ve seen I just had to comment to let you know.

    Your hair is also a wonderful colour, I’m jealous of the copper tones in it.

    And also envious of your glasses? Are they prescription, and if so, where did you get them from? I’m trying to source vintage glasses that I can actually use to see with my very poor eyesight.

  6. Jenny Frances says:

    Thank you so much! The sound is a bit dodgy on that video, I think there was something amiss with the microphone, but hey-ho! Glad you liked it and found it useful. My hair is kind of a few different shades in that video, I was growing out a dye-job that went wrong! The dark lengths of my hair were a chemical dye that I was trying to grow out (in the end I just cut most of my hair off instead!). My roots are my natural colour but enhanced with henna. Back then I was using Lush Caca Marron Henna on my roots, but I now use Lush Caca Rouge Henna on all my hair. It gives great natural glimmers and tones, and it doesn’t have any horrible chemicals.
    I get my glasses frames from Ebay, Etsy and vintage fairs. They are all original vintage frames, with my own prescription put in (I am really short-sighted!). I get my lenses put in by I Need Spex ( The lenses start at £15 for basic lenses, but you can get anti-glare put on for a bit extra.
    Hope that helps, so glad you found me & my blog!
    Jenny x

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