Novelty Umbrella Print

Sometimes, you get some nice fabric and it sits around for a while until you decide what you want to do with it. This happens to me a lot. Especially with novelty print fabrics, I kind of feel a ‘but I don’t want to have used-up all the fabric making a garment that I then either don’t wear; or worse, I then obtain a sewing pattern that would have been perfect for said fabric (when I have already used-up the fabric)’.

This is especially true of vintage fabrics, in particular 1940’s feedsack cottons, as they are often much narrower than our modern-day widths of fabric, thus making the ‘what shall I make-up in this fabric’ dilemma even more tricky.

Anyways, I have actually got a bit better at making solid decisions and sticking to them lately. I feel it’s better to have actually used the fabric, than to have it just sitting around waiting wistfully to be made into something.

I brought this wonderful novelty print cotton from Ebay a few weeks ago, and I knew straight-away I wanted to make it into a top. Now, I initially was envisaging a blouse, but then I decided to jump out of my comfort zone, and make a little peasant top instead. This was out of my comfort zone, as really, most tops I have made tend to be blouses, but sometimes it’s nice to shake things up a bit.

I didn’t have a pattern for a peasant top, but I did a bit of searching online and came across a version to draft myself. I did a trail-run with some plain white cotton (and ric-rac.. always ric-rac!), which you will probably see me wearing at some point either here or on my instagram. On this version, as the print was quite bold in itself, I decided to omit adding metres of ric-rac to it. The temptation was hard my friends. I did however, decide to add green bows to the front. I’m not really sure why to be honest, I just thought they would look pretty. And I did recently get myself a ‘rouleau looper’ – HOW HAVE I NOT HAD ONE OF THESE UNTIL NOW!?

I used bias binding which I double stitched for the neckline, sleeves and mid-section to encase the elastic, to create the nice gathering. Overall, this top was much quicker to make than a blouse (no button holes, no collar), so I probably shall make-up a few more. I do love a good blouse though, I love being able to wear them underneath cardigans and have a little pop of collar peeping out.

I paired the peasant top with a lime skirt I made last summer, some hair flowers, and some super cute grape earrings (yet another purchase from Sofia’s Garden.. I’m obsessed!).

Let’s hope we get some nice sunshine so we can all enjoy it, and I can wear my umbrella blouse again (though hopefully I won’t need an actual umbrella!).

Until next time dears!


10 thoughts on “Novelty Umbrella Print

  1. Jessica Cangiano says:

    Very, very, very (it’s definitely a “three very” worthy creation) pretty top. I love that smile-inducingly fun fabric and what you turned it into.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. amélie says:

    Thank you Jenny for sharing that lovely Etsy shop. the earrings are so pretty, and they are from the UK. It’s great as I’m always reluctant to pay the shipping when most of the shop are from the US !!
    I really adore your style ! It’s really playful and colorful. I discover you quite lately, but I’m sure I’ve seen your distinguished style at some events like the Chap Olympiad !
    xx Amélie

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