Along Came Polly

The trouble with blogging is, sometimes I will line-up blog posts and upload pictures to my dashboard, then completely forget that I hadn’t actually published said blog post. Which is kind of what happened with this post. I was actually reminded of this by the beautiful Fiona who I follow on Instagram, (seriously, she is such a style icon/inspiration to me, go follow her!) as she has recently become the owner of a beautiful scooter. So, better late than never – let me introduce you to Polly!

You may have heard me mention Polly in past posts (with me thinking that I had in fact written/published this post, so in my mind you lovely readers already knew who Polly was). Polly is my 1965 Mobylette by French manufacturer Motobecane. Motobecane started producing Mobylettes in 1949, right up until as recently as 1997, with the ‘peak’ of production in the 1970’s.

Polly is a pedal-start, 50cc bike, with top speeds probably reaching around 38mph (although she tends to go slower, especially if she is cold/feeling a bit impish that day). Kieren & I found some original 1950’s panniers to fit onto her, essential for stashing fabric in from my shopping trips!

I passed my CBT (compulsory basic training certificate) in July 2014, which basically allows me to be on the road on a 50cc vehicle with ‘L’ plates displayed. I have to confess I have been a bit of a bad Mobylette Mother recently, and have had her sitting in the shed for a couple of months now. This is due to it being freezing outside, and the unpredictability of my health makes it tricky to know when I can use her.

Why did I call her Polly you ask? I’m not sure really, I just thought she looked like a Polly!

She is so cute to zip about town on, people often stare at her in bafflement as to what she is, as I guess a pedal-start moped is a pretty rare thing to behold.

I was really nervous about being on the road, but Polly has made that first initial step so much fun!

Over on the Vintage News, we have just released a feature on ‘Vintage on Two Wheels’. We look at motorbikes from 1912 onwards, scooters, and more. I do a little interview myself at around 4 minutes in; talking about & riding Polly. You can watch it here; or if you are viewing on a tablet/mobile, the direct Youtube link is here.

Until next time dears!


10 thoughts on “Along Came Polly

  1. Rebecca Young says:

    It must be great fun to ride Polly – and she looks in immaculate condition for a 40 year old!

    We don’t see you in trousers very often – they really suit you

  2. Jenny Frances says:

    Thank you Rebecca! I know, I always feel a bit ‘odd’ in trousers, like they are not really ‘me’. But, it’s impossible to wear skirts on Polly! Even trousers have been a hazard in the past, I got the chain caught-up in a pair of Vivien of Holloways (I did have cycle clips on to counteract the fullness), but the chain ripped an oil-stained hole through them! xx

  3. Jenny Frances says:

    Ha ha, Notice how I choose to omit pictures of me wearing a helmet?.. There’s a reason for that 🙂 Ruins any hairdo you got goin on! And often results in ‘sweaty puffy face’. Not so cool 🙂 🙂

  4. Emileigh Rogers says:

    That is SO FABULOUS. I’ve been barred from having a motorcycle (“It’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s that I don’t trust other drivers,” say my husband and father), but maybe I could get a scooter like this one….?
    Your boots and jacket are so sharp; where are they from?

  5. Jenny Frances says:

    Thank you lovely!
    I got the jacket from Ebay (it has all the proper motocycle armour in it too), and the boots are original 1960s go-go boots that a friend gave me. Usually I wear knee-high Dr Martens boots when I am riding though, as they have better support (and no heel!). XxX

  6. Jessica Cangiano says:

    What a gem Polly is! I love that named “her”. I have a propensity for naming inanimate objects that are near and dear to my heart as well. I’ve never owned a vehicle, motorcycle, or scooter of my own (unfortunately driving is not possible for me due to some of my medical conditions and some of the meds I take), but if I did, I would name it in a heartbeat, too.

    You look awesome in your gear, right down to that classic chiffon scarf. It’s such a great mid-century motoring touch!

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Jenny Frances says:

    Thank you so much Jessica!
    I literally name everything – the neighbourhood cats (whose ‘real’ names I don’t know, yet I have given them my own names anyway), Kieren’s vehicles, all sorts of things! 🙂 xxx

  8. wardrobe experience says:

    What a beautiful Moped Polly is!
    I was riding a 80ccm Vespa for years In my late teens and early twens. I really liked it …. but I had to sell her when I moved away from my hometown.

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