Baggy Trousers & Perfect Jackets

Me and trousers never really got on so well. For some reason; I always just felt like more of ‘skirts & dresses’ kind of gal. It wasn’t until recently that I realised part of my inhibition and reluctance towards wearing trousers; actually had a lot to do with my choice of outerwear when wearing said trousers.

To my mind, I always felt ‘wrong’ wearing wide legged trousers with a jacket or coat that hit knee-length or below. I’m not entirely sure why, it’s just that every time I looked in the mirror, I felt wrong.

Cue my search for a trouser-appropriate jacket. Now, I love a good stroller/swagger jacket, but had never managed to get my hands on one.. until now. Stroller jackets are fabulous because:

  • They hang wonderfully
  • Give a fabulous shilloutte
  • Are so easy to wear with many, many outifts

When I am in search of a specific vintage item, I have a little list of online sellers that I turn to, one of those at the top of the list is Scarlet Rage Vintage. I actually interviewed business owner Jade (and the gorgeous Vanessa Frankenstein) for a piece I did for The Vintage News a few months back, which you can catch here.

This picture was shot on a Rolleiflex Camera in medium format.

This picture was shot on a Rolleiflex Camera in medium format.

My heart skipped a beat a few weeks back, when I saw this BEAUTIFUL little stunner of a stroller jacket listed on their website! The colour was just so striking and unusual, notably so when taking into account it’s age – around 75 years, and I can assure you, it’s just as much as a ray of sunshine in real life as it is in these pictures!

So now I had my dream jacket, I have a renewed love of super-wide legged trousers. Seriously, I am wearing them all the time! I picked up this pair from Collectif, they are the Glenda Trousers in Navy. I had originally stepped into the store with my heart set on the Judith trousers, but after trying them on, decided against them. For some reason, the Judith trousers were ridiculously big on me, the crotch was very low, and they just didn’t work for me at all. The Glenda trousers were perfect though, although seriously looooong. Who has legs that long? (unless my legs are incredible short..) So I turned them up when I got them home, et viola, they are perfect now!

I love how they have belt loops in addition to the detachable braces, I believe this makes them very wearable. The only design feature missing which I would love to have, is pockets, but otherwise, they are a perfect pair of trousers.

This picture was also shot on a Rolleiflex camera in medium format.

This picture was also shot on a Rolleiflex camera in medium format.

I’m really hoping to make myself a few pairs of wide-legged summer trousers, I’m thinking palazzo pants style, super wide, swooshy and light! And now that I have my perfect jacket, there is no stopping me!

Until next time dears x


14 thoughts on “Baggy Trousers & Perfect Jackets

  1. Cate says:

    I always get funny about the long coat look with trousers too! I’m glad it’s not just me. I’m currently searching for a fitted 1940s wool jacket that I can add a fur collar to for the winter to go with my wide leg trousers. I still have no idea what to wear with them for warmer months, although your stroller jacket has inspired me. It’s a beautiful colour and a great shape. I may have to look out for one for myself!

  2. Jenny Frances says:

    Ha ha, I’m glad it’s not only me that has the weird ‘outerwear with trousers’ issue! A wool jacket for the winter sounds lovey, I can imagine it on you with a Helen Moore collar 🙂 xx

  3. retro rover says:

    Oh my gosh you look so perfect! Ive come to embrace trousers after years of not liking htem. Im short and just felt wide legged trousers where a mistake. I love this look though and the jacket is to die for

    retro rover

  4. Jenny Frances says:

    I love the more relaxed style of vintage clothing too, I feel it’s just not practical to imagine women flounced around in large petticoats all day every single day! I’m starting to really love the swooshy, loose feel of wide leg trousers, they just feel so comfortable, but look smart too. xx

  5. Jenny Frances says:

    I’m jealous of your recent trouser buy, which you featured on your blog! I can rarely seem to find good things in charity shops nowadays, I think there is such a saturation & love for vintage in my area, so any nice vintage pieces automatically get snaffled away to dealers! Loving what you did with the buttons too 🙂

  6. Jenny Frances says:

    Thank you sweetie!
    I’m totally drooling over all the gorgeous resort wear in your latest Poirot post! Those wonderful 1930’s beach slacks & loungewear! Ahhhh! 🙂 xxx

  7. sally sputnik's says:

    I have to agree! I have been struggling to find vintage in the towns surrounding me but I do live in an area that is mostly considered a retirement village which does help. I’m hoping to try to learn to sew more but I do it by hand. I think with the trousers any high waisted wide legged ones would work because the buttons really change the look of it, I’m going to keep my eye out for more, I’m thinking adding braces could really give the look too.

  8. Jessica Cangiano says:

    You look so great! I love that sunny, beautiful yellow jacket. What a fantastic find!

    You’re not alone there in the slightest. From childhood onward, but especially once I developed my womanly figure, pants/trousers/jeans and I have been at odds, as exceedingly few styles work well on my short, curvy (hourglass) figure. Were it not for my Freddies jeans and Heyday swing trousers – all wide legged offerings, which I’ve long learned is very important for me and pants – I would own almost no trousers or jeans at all.

    ♥ Jessica

  9. Rebecca Young says:

    I love this outfit with the contrasting colours. You look great in your trousers. I never wore trousers until about 18 months ago but now wear them fairly regularly – and now wish I started to wear them years ago!

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