All Aboard! Riviera Style Exhibition

A few weeks back, I finally got the chance to get myself down to the Fashion & Textile Museum to see their latest exhibition: Riviera Style. I know I have been a tad light on the blog posts lately, in the middle of the month I came down with a heavy-duty summer cold. At first I thought it may have been hayfever, so I was wrongly taking hayfever medication to try to sort it out. By the time I realised it was not hayfever, it had fully taken a hold of my system. So I was a bit out of action for a little while, as my immune system is already weakened and put under daily strain from my chronic health condition. As you can imagine, I do all I can to NOT GET ILL, as I know it takes me aggges to shift it! Over 2 weeks later, I still have some symptoms of the ghastly cold, but hopefully it will shift fully soon.

Anyway, back to Riviera Style! I had never been to the Fashion & Textile Museum, indeed, I had never been to London Bridge (the nearest tube station to the museum). Stepping out the tube station in itself was a tad overwhelming, as it is smack-bang in central London, with neck-achingly tall buildings and busy roads greeting me. The museum was a little further from the tube station than I thought it would be, but it was still only around an 8 minute walk.

As I have developed a recent obsession with the 1930s, in particular beach pyjamas (swoon! Also, expect more ramblings about beach pyjamas soon dears..) this exhibition looked right up my street. In truth, I found the exhibition absolutely marvellous, and I am so so glad I went! There were a few pairs of beloved beach pyjamas, in all their billowing glory, Edwardian two-pieces, 1920s swimming costumes, beauty queen swimsuits of the 1950s; and much more.

I also loved the curation and display of the exhibition space itself, spilt onto two levels, the ground floor is partly set out like a swimming pool – complete with beach towels! The upper level showcases 1950s swimsuits and beach sets, and is set out like a beauty pageant line-up. So delightful, and really helped to capture the whimsy and joy of being by the seaside, enjoying a holiday.

I put together a report of the exhibition over on The Vintage News, which includes more pictures than I have included here if you would like to see more!

The exhibition has actually been extended, originally it was due to close at the end of August, but is now running until 13th September 2015. View the details on their website here.

Until next time dears!


9 thoughts on “All Aboard! Riviera Style Exhibition

  1. Christina says:

    I enjoyed seeing the exhibition last week. I went for research on beach pyjamas and came away inspired. I was disappointed that they didn’t produce a book covering the exhibition but I got the nautical style one instead. I’m glad you enjoyed the exhibition, it was my first time to the museum and I did get a bit lost.

  2. Jessica Cangiano says:

    Oh my word, do I hear you there. I try so hard to not get, ill, but with an immune system that is about as strong as a damp Kleenex, that is often far easier said than done. I’m really sorry to hear that you got hit with a dozy of a summer cold and hope that you’ll soon feel a lot more like your usual self – and that this will be your only such bug of the summer.

    Healing hugs & well wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. alecia says:

    Oooh! I am so jealous! I wish we had exhibitions like that here 😦 I just want to steal everything because it’s all so perfect!

  4. Jenny Frances says:

    Thank you Jessica!
    Slowly starting to feel better now, when I’m out & about I’m usually the paranoid one madly avoiding people coughing/sneezing! 🙂 xxx

  5. Jenny Frances says:

    The beach pyjamas were amazing! I so wanted the black & yellow pair, loved them. I was convinced I was heading in the wrong direction when I exited London Bridge station, but I decided to keep going & I was actually going the right way. As it was so congested & busy, it felt a tad disorientating! I think I may pop back there in October though, (especially now I know how to get there!) for their Liberty exhibition. xx

  6. Kate-Em says:

    I really hope to make it to this if I can get down to London in time. When I lived there London Bridge was the station I used most often but I can see it could be confusing. I think the Fashion and Textikes Museum is such a great space for an exhibition.

  7. Jenny Frances says:

    I really loved the exhibition, and the space was bigger than I thought it would be. The layout really was well-thought out and worked brilliantly for the Riviera Style show. I’m looking forward to the Liberty exhibition already! xx

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