What To Know When Getting Your Hair Bobbed

One day, I woke-up & resolutely decided that I was going to get my hair bobbed. It was something I had been thinking about for a while, but had finally decided I was going to ‘go for it’.  So I made an appointment to have my locks chopped set for the following day. Then I spent that evening madly gathering images from Pinterest & suchlike to serve as hair inspiration!

I knew for definite that I did not want a fringe, as I would want to pincurl set it and create finger waves across my forehead.

This is what I looked like the afternoon after the hairdressers:

I had around 6 inches chopped-off, but it was still a little longer than I actually wanted. I asked the hairdresser to take some more off, which she did, resulting in the picture above. I thought I would pincurl set it, then assess whether I felt like I still needed to go shorter still.

That evening, I set it in a pincurl set. I simply sprayed it damp with a setting lotion solution (70% water, 30% setting lotion), and pincurled it as normal.

Things to note about doing a Pincurl set on Bobbed Hair

  • It probably will not be quicker to do than if you had long hair. This is due to the fact you will most likely need to create more pincurls over your head, to enable a tight set.
  • The back, underneath section will be tricky. And fiddly. Yes, I had vaguely thought of this prior to getting my hair cut, but only in an abstract way. However, certainly for the first few attempts, the reality of pincurling those tiny, wispy 2cm long pieces of hair will drive you around the bend. My solution is to wind each piece using your fingers, then simply pincurl it FLAT against your head with a grip. There is no point in trying to do an elevated pincurl, as it will just slip out and rebel.
  • On the plus-side, my sets now only take 3-4 hours to dry. OHMYGOSH. Previously, it took a good 12-15 hours to ensure my set was dry, so I had to have abnormal planning skills, and the ability to look into the future to imagine which days I would need to have my hair in a set.
  • Your arms will ache. A lot. Yes, I know for those of us that set our hair this is a familiar sensation. But due to having to create around 30% MORE pincurls, your arms will feel like they want to drop-off.

This was the result of my first pincurl set:

It was certainly an odd feeling brushing out my newly short hair, but in a fabulous, liberating way! I brushed it out as normal, then used vintage 1930s wave clips to shape the front.

I then decided, that yes, it was definitely too long still. So I got another 1.5inches chopped off, and then set it again (this was over the course of a good few days though, this didn’t happen in all one day!)

This was my mid-brushout point with the 1.5inches chopped off:

Now this set was more like it! The curls seemed easier to manage & manipulate into shape than the previous longer set, and it felt much more ‘me’. So at this point, my hair sits at around jaw-length.

Here is another view (above), of my brushed-out set, taken on a different day. You may find you get the odd straight bit poking out, but just fluff them up to join them in with the rest of your hair. Or, if they are proving particularly stubborn, you could pin them up underneath your hair.

Things to note when Brushing-Out your Bobbed Hair

  • It is quicker to brush-out than longer hair (hurrah!)
  • You may need to change your hairbrush. I have always used a basic, vent plastic brush to do all my brush-outs, but for bobbed hair choose a radial brush instead. Preferable one with a small diameter, as this will give you greater control over your curls. It will also come in-handy for days when you want to wear your hair straight to tame any hair that is flipping in the wrong direction.
  • For the back under sections, brush upwards. This will help to ‘fluff’ the hair up, and to blend in with the upper curled layers at the back.
  • Wave clips really excel with short hair. When brushing out the front section, you should be able to see the natural waves forming to create a nice ‘s’ wave across the forehead. Shape this with your hairbrush & hands, then use wave clips (aka Marcel Clips), to clamp the wave into place, spray with hairspray.
  • On the subject of wave clips: Wherever possible, always buy original vintage ones. These are a million times better than modern repro ones, and will do an excellent job. I searched Ebay, Etsy and vintage fairs for mine.

Also important are –

Things to consider when getting your Hair Bobbed:

  • Whether you want to be able to put your hair up or not. This will play an important factor in the length of bob you go for.
  • Whether you want a fringe or not. This may affect a pincurl set, so it’s important to consider this beforehand.
  • Types of hats you usually wear. Will these still be compatible with your newly bobbed hair? (I have found all my hats still work with my bob, as much as they worked with my long hair. Cloche hats look particularly good with bobbed hair).
  • You may need to wash your hair more frequently. When I had long hair, I would usually wash it once a week, then set it. With short hair, it tends to get weighed-down with product much more easily, and therefore will require washing more frequently.
  • To layer or not to layer, that is the question? For my first bob (pictured on the blue background in which I say I then wanted more length out), I had layers. For the second bob, in which I had 1.5 inches off to take it even shorter, I had it cut straight. I think layers are a personal preference, and are very much dependant on your hair type. Personally, I just found them annoying, which is why I had a blunt straight cut on my shorter bob.

I think that is about it! These are all things that I have learned, and I am still learning about how best to style/manage my newly bobbed hair. I should mention that these are techniques and processes that have worked for me, but of course if your hair type differs from mine, then you may have a different experience.

If you have any questions or queries, do leave me a comment and I’ll try to reply as soon as I can (or as soon as I can get to my laptop!). Also, readers please bare in mind I do try my best to reply to comments, but sometimes I cannot reply to them all. I do appreciate all you comments & feedback though, and frankly, I’m just super excited any of you out there actually read my blog!

Happy hair adventures, until next time dears!


17 thoughts on “What To Know When Getting Your Hair Bobbed

  1. Cate says:

    Oh what fantastic tips, they will come in very handy in a couple of weeks, so a big thank you from me. Your hair really does look fab! I keep looking at your photo on Instagram and longing for mine to look like that. I seriously cannot wait to get it cut, especially during the hotter days. Just 11 days to go (yes, I’m actually counting!). xx

  2. Helen Snell says:

    Looks lovely! I’m constantly cutting and regrowing mine – I really can’t decide what I want to do with it! Currently trying to get it back to bob length after a crop last year but will probably get there and cut it off again. My long suffering husband just sighs and shakes his head when I get off on a rant about my hair. I’ve got poker straight fine hair but lots of it, and am a bit of a klutz when it comes to pincurling but if I don’t curl it it’s so slippery and flyaway. Love yours straight too btw.


  3. sally sputnik's says:

    This style suits you and the pincurls look great! I’ve been thinking of having mine cut similar to the 20’s deco style bob, this has convinced me to just go for it!

  4. Jessica Cangiano says:

    What a thoughtful, informative post. Thank you very much for penning this, sweet dear. Your new cut and length is fabulous! It looks like a million dollars on you!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Maja Ćorić says:

    My dear,
    I haven’t left a comment here – and I feel obliged to… simply to WELCOME you to “bobbed hair” club.
    (fine, it’s not a “club” since there are no members; but it should be, don’t you think?!)
    In this day and age, one would think your hair does not matter as muc, and yet I still come accross comments about the “only proper” length for women’s hair being “long”. Yes, well. no thank you. 🙂

    See, we haven’t moved much from the times when darling old Bernice had her hair bobbed.


  6. Jenny Frances says:

    Marija, it hadn’t occurred to me about the ‘proper length’ being long, but I see what you mean! I say do whatever you like & what makes you happy! 🙂 ps- so glad to be part of the bobbed hair club! 🙂

  7. Jenny Frances says:

    Helen, Ha ha, I know what you mean with the other-half, I sometimes go off on one about my hair to him! My hair is slippery and flyaway too, I can sort-of style it when it is straight, but it’s much easier when I have pincurled it so it can ‘stick together’ and behave! xx

  8. Jenny Frances says:

    Ooh, Cate, have you had it cut yet? (counts days from when you left this comment to today to try and figure it out!) I’m so excited for you, I can’t wait to see it! xxx

  9. Amber Rhodes says:

    This looks fabulous! I always love shorter hair on myself. It’s long at the moment…which it is that way because my husband likes it long (!) Maybe the next cut will be a nice bob, and since it’s gone crazy naturally curly after having 3 babies within in 6 years (yes..weird I know), it might just sit nicely!

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