Stripes with Heyday!

I’m a cat person. Everyone that knows me knows this, and it seems, my love for cats has also not gone un-noticed in the online world.  A few weeks back, I received a lovely email from Heyday! reproduction-vintage clothing company, containing the following few words: ‘Knowing you love cats..’ How wonderful was that?!  To put this into context, Heyday! have recently released a cat-themed print in their popular Fleur day dress, and they wondered if I would like to review it. Yes, I do really really (waay too much for a person that does not actually own a cat) love cats, but I was also given the option to choose a different item if I felt it would suit me & my lifestyle more.

Now, a few months back Heyday! had released this gorgeous striped Judy dress, which I had had my eye on. So now I was given the opportunity to review it, so of course I jumped at the chance!  Whilst I did indeed love the look of the Fleur dress, I felt the striped Judy was more ‘me’, and it would easily integrate into my wardrobe.

What I particularly love about this dress, is that it is a very transitional piece. It could fit into any era between the 1930s-1950s, depending on the way it is accessorised. As it contains a fabulous spectrum of colours, it also coordinates with many colours really well, and equally, can be worn with neutrals such as black, nude or browns.

It is really comfortable to wear, is light enough to wear in the hotter temperatures, but durable enough to not have to wear a slip underneath.

The dress runs true-to-size, I’m around a UK 6-8, and I am wearing the XS. I would say, if you are broad-chested, it may be advisable to size-up, as the opening of the dress is quite narrow to get in and out of.

I paired the dress with vintage gloves (although the correct term is probably ‘retro’; as I think these gloves are 1980s), and a vintage scarf.  My shoes are a recent find, and indeed, a revelation! They are from Hotter shoes, and are so comfortable to wear. They also have a sale on at the moment, with lots of styles half -price, (including this pair – ‘France’ style,  which I snapped up!). I shall be buying more shoes from them in the future; as they are the most comfortable shoes I have worn!

The Judy dress is available from Heyday’s! website, and available in a fabulous 8 different colours/patterns.

*Disclaimer – This blog post contains affiliate links, if you would prefer not to use these, click on this link instead to be directed to Heyday’s! website without the affiliate link. I was given the opportunity to choose an item from Heyday! and review it, all opinions and views expressed are my own, and of course my honest opinion. Especially the part about cats.. I do LOVE cats.. *

Until next time dears!


10 thoughts on “Stripes with Heyday!

  1. Jenny Frances says:

    Thank you Jessica, I simply can’t seem to resist bright colours, and/or a good print! I am getting to the stage where I seriously need to start buying or making basic, one-colour items though, just so I can get more wear out of all the other items in my wardrobe! xxx

  2. Jenny Frances says:

    Thank you Letty, there were so many accessory possibilities, that on this occasion I decided to just ‘go for it’ and unleash ALL THE COLOURS! 🙂

  3. Jenny Frances says:

    Thank you so much Linda! The shoes are seriously so comfortable, I usually never wear heels as I just can’t be doing with them, but these.. these are lovely! xx

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