1930s Two Piece

Standing back and staring aimlessly into my closet a few weeks back, I came to the conclusion that even though I felt like my style had evolved into an earlier, 1930s era, my current wardrobe selection had not. Yes, I had the 1930s beach pyjamas that I made, but of course I cannot wear those all the time (even though that would be marvellous!)

To rectify this, I am making a few 1930s staple separates to enable me to have more outfit choices, and to prevent the dreaded ‘ahhh I have nothing to wear and everything looks horrid and I can’t possibly step outside’ scenario. Subsequently, whilst browsing online for 1930s inspiration, I found this lovely late 1930s two piece on Etsy. It was going for a really good price, and – it had yellow in it (I recently did a montage on my instagram of my yellow obsession, it seems I have more items of yellow clothing than I thought..)

When it arrived, it was just as lovely as I thought it would be. The fabric is slightly heavier than I had imagined, but this only serves to make it hang better when worn. It does however have some overall damage – there are a few areas where the fabric has eroded away, a spattering on tiny holes throughout, and one of the seams had come unstitched as the seam allowance had worn away. Nevertheless, I still love it, and I’m sure I shall wear it both together as a suit, and separately as a skirt with a knitted top, or the blouse with trousers. It has the most darling gather detailing on the bodice, with cute bows just below this – so wonderful!

We took these pictures in the grounds of Arundel Castle, on what turned out to be the most splendidly sunny day. We did have a good look around the interior of the castle, but of course photography was not permitted inside the building.  The castle was spectacular, and definitely worth a visit, although bare in mind there is a lot of walking involved, especially up and down numerous stairs!

I even got to make a little friend! This handsome chap was walking on top of a hedgerow (yes, on top of, not alongside! Just goes to prove the stubbornness of cats..) He finally found what he deemed a suitable place to nap, and got himself settled. He was so friendly, I so badly wanted to pick him up and cuddle him! *crazy cat lady alert*

It was really lovely to spend a day with my beloved, mooching around Arundel and exploring the castle. I have been suffering quite badly from anxiety lately, with my mind racing and panicking about anything and everything one could possibly panic about. I have been trying to find ways of feeling calmer, and to take my mind away from fixating on things, but it’s tricky. I have been reading the novels of Nancy Mitford lately, and doing a bit of painting to try to relax, but if any of you lovely readers have any tips or recommendations to aid relaxation or alleviate anxiety, do let me know in the comments, I would truly appreciate any advice!

Until next time dears xx




11 thoughts on “1930s Two Piece

  1. Nora Finds says:

    It really is a lovely suit and I can understand why you couldn’t pass on it despite the flaws! I understand your dilemma. I want to wear more 30s and 40s but find it quite difficult to wear everyday. I must indeed do some sewing and create stuff for myself 🙂

  2. Jenny Frances says:

    I know what you mean about 30s 40s being tricky to wear. Sometimes I just don’t want to wear stockings and gloves etc! I am working on a pair of 1930s trousers recently, so I’m hoping they will be comfortable and historically accurate too. The holy grail of vintage dressing! xxx

  3. jane gardiner says:

    Looks like a lovely lady had a lovely day – I’m super jealous of the sunshine as well as the outfit!
    Anyway, for relaxation my two tips are exercise and cats. Preferably purring ones!

  4. Jenny Frances says:

    Oh Jane, I love cat’s soo much! But my other half is not at all keen on idea of having one, so I remain cat less. But, I am happy with the compromise as I would obviously rather have my love than a fluffy cat. I content myself with stroking and cuddling friends and neighbours cats instead! Haa ha! XxX

  5. Fraulein Nina says:

    That does look very fabulous! I’m currently going through a similar, “Nothing in my closet fits, looks good or is me!” stage so I need to get to making some “boring” separates. I used to get ready in 15 minutes, now there’s more stereotypical uhm-ing and ah-ing which drives everyone, myself included, up a wall.

  6. brigidboyer says:

    What a delightful two-piece outfit Jenny! I actually used to loathe the color yellow, but slowly but surely my love for the color has grown over the past three years (I think the fad for “mustard yellow everything” a few years ago helped with that 😉 ), so that it is now one of my almost favorite colors. Talking really helps me work through my anxiety. When you just let things boil and bubble inside you, it just seems like the problem gets worse, so if you can talk to someone who is understanding, and who you can trust, that often helps me to work through and find the root of my worry. Hope that helps! And look up the song “Why Worry” by the Andrews Sisters. It’s GREAT!

  7. Jessica Cangiano says:

    What a terrific find! I love the punchy, cheerful colours in that set and how well the palette compliments your hair colour. Plus, how can one not swoon over any old school leaf print? They’re so awesome!

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Jennie Charm says:

    Oh my word, what a suit! Personally I’d recommend knitting a rather complicated pattern to aid calming – I can get so engrossed in the pattern I forget about everything else for a while. Lacey knits are good 🙂

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