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A few weeks ago, the lovely Trish Hunter asked me if I would like to do an interview for her site – The Vintage Post. As a regular reader of the site (indeed, one can spend many awhile reading all the fascinating interviews and insights from bloggers, entrepreneurs, and collectors alike) I of course jumped at the chance.

Trish’s questions were really well thought-out, and it did take me a good while pondering over my answers! As with all interviews that I have given, and even looking back at some of my posts here on my blog, it can feel a bit surreal.

As interviews and blog posts often show a very edited version of a persons life, it can sometimes feel like ‘is that really me?’

I’m sure I’m not the only blogger to feel like this every now and then. Sometimes when I am at my least glamorous (for example – when I am colouring my hair and have a plastic binliner on my head to contain the henna) I do giggle and think my gosh what a sight!

Here is a little quote from my interview –

To some extent, when you differ from the norm, people are going to look at you. Personally, I have always disliked this, and sometimes I still struggle with it and feel like I want to hide away.

What stops me from hiding away, is the fact that even though I may be uncomfortable with attention, I AM comfortable with my own personal style choices. I have belief in my ability to project a visual image of myself through clothing, hair and make-up, that, if questioned by a curious stranger, I can be confident in.

For more of my ramblings, and Trish’s excellent interview questions, visit The Vintage Post here. I also mention some of the wonderful people who inspire me, including some of the lovely people I follow on Instagram or elsewhere online.

Thank you to Trish for the opportunity to be featured on The Vintage Post!

Until next time dears xx


4 thoughts on “Featured on The Vintage Post

  1. Jessica Cangiano says:

    That particular reply really stood out for me when I read the original post. I’m incredibly shy and very, very self-conscious and never dress the way that I do for the sake of standing out or getting attention, but it’s downright impossible not to when you’re the only vintage wearing for many miles around. I counter those feelings (shyness, etc) with the joy and confidence that wearing vintage brings me, too, and loved knowing I’m not alone on this front.

    Bravo on a marvelous interview, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Cate says:

    I loved your interview, it was lovely to learn a little bit more about you! Like Jessica the part you have included in this post hit a nerve with me too. I was asked by a male friend a few weeks ago to give him an honest answer about why I dress vintage. I think he was expecting me to say it was because of the attention I get, which to me is the complete opposite. It’s funny, I don’t mind someone coming up and saying something to me, and they’ve all been very positive so far, but I get really self-conscious when people quite obviously stare at me. It annoys me because it’s only clothes, I’m not an alien, but then I remind myself that I love the way I look and wouldn’t want to wear the same thing that everyone wears. I’ve always dressed different and that’s who I am, so why change? xxx

  3. Jenny Frances says:

    Cate, I know exactly what you mean! It’s odd, because in some ways you would think we would all be used to the stares and looks from others, but somehow it never gets easier. I am a very shy, self-conscious person anyway, so sometimes I do think I probably build things-up in my head and inadvertently exaggerate situations (I think that EVERYONE is looking at me and thinking ‘what on earth..?’, when in reality probably only a handful of people have even noticed me or my attire).
    But I completely stand-by what I said in the interview, that even though I do really dislike the attention, I am completely confident in my visual portrayal of myself.
    In some ways, dressing vintage has made me more confident, as I’m sure even if I conformed to the ‘normal’ style of dressing, I would still feel self-conscious about the way I looked, and would probably still feel like people would be staring and thinking derogatory thoughts about me. At least dressing the way I WANT TO DRESS makes me feel like I’m portraying the very best version of myself, and I’m in complete control of exactly what I am portraying.
    I love dressing the way I do, and certainly for now, cannot see myself dressing in any way that would be considered ‘mainstream’.
    On a related (but slightly separate) note, I really want to see the recent Iris Apfel film, as I think she is such an inspiration. Her attitude and outlook on dress and style is really to be admired, and I’m sure I would come away from the film feeling uplifted and inspired.
    Ps – I am soo excited about meeting-up! If you have any thoughts/times/ideas etc on what to do/see, do drop me an email – jm@vintagenews.tv xxx

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