Amore Mexicana

A few weeks ago; it was my other-half’s birthday, so we met-up with his parents and went out for a birthday lunch. Unfortunately, there were a number of errors involving my ‘main’ gift to Kieren, which meant that we were not able to receive his gift until a week later. I was rather upset about this (more so than Kieren was!); and even though it was not my fault, I still felt terrible about it. But, finally when the gift arrived, he did like it (thank goodness!).

I decided to wear my recent purchase – the Tara Starlet Bow Blouse from the ‘Amore Mexicana’ collaboration with Poppy’s Papercuts. I had spied this a good few weeks back, and really wanted to buy it, but I just knew I could not justify spending the full £65 asking price. This is something that frequently happens when you can sew – you see something you like, but then you think ‘oh, but I could make that myself for a fraction of the cost’. So then you hardly ever actually buy anything ‘off the peg’. But, I am a sucker for a novelty print, and I knew this print was limited edition.

So when it got reduced to half price, I could hardly resist it!

Sidenote – the blouse is now going for £24, with limited sizes available (this information is correct at the time of writing, for readers finding this blog post later on, apologies!)

 Another reason I am excited about this print, is I am attending the Handmade Fair in September, and am booked in to do a Papercuts master class with the lady that designed the print on my blouse – Poppy Chancellor herself!

The blouse is a slightly starker white shade than I had thought, although that may be because I am used to wearing cream, rather than white. The print is really colourful and cheering though, I love the birds swooping across it! The sleeves feature a cute puffed detail, with a cuff which brings the gathers together nicely.

I paired it with a linen navy skirt which I made myself from a 1938 pattern. A feature from this pattern which I found odd, but interesting, was whilst the front is made up of 3 panels,  the back is just 1 panel cut on the CB, with a dart in each side. I hadn’t actually come across anything like that before, most of my skirt patterns are the same number of panels in the front as in the back (or vice-versa). I find it gives the skirt a very subtle addition of movement in the front at the hem. It’s certainly a feature I shall be keeping an eye out for on any 1930s sewing patterns I newly acquire!

Until next time dears xx


2 thoughts on “Amore Mexicana

  1. Jessica Cangiano says:

    Ooohh, what a fun, vibrant, delightful top! It looks beautiful on you and is just the thing for an upbeat birthday celebration (I almost always dress in expressive, cheerful hues for my own and my loved ones b-days).

    Joyful start of September wishes, dear gal!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Porcelina says:

    Curse the Tara Starlet sales!! I just bought the Marlene dress in blue, though it’s not like I need another evening dress?! But it was £19 and the other day they had an extra 20% off… Blouse looks amazing on you, just lovely! x

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