A Modern Magazine for Old Fashioned People

A little while ago, Mat got in touch with me and asked me if I would like to review his latest venture; In Retrospect magazine. I have been aware of the magazine for about a year, indeed the magazine started life as an online publication back in May last year.

Being one of those people that loves nothing better than sitting down with a good magazine or novel; accompanied by a deliciously hot cup of tea, I of course assented to his request with zest!

I already had issues 1 & 2, so Mat sent me issues 3 & 4 to complete my collection and get me up-to-date (which of course also helps me to assemble this review with a greater deal of accuracy for you dear readers!)

The ethos of the magazine is: ‘A Modern Magazine for Old Fashioned People’. That is to say, if you are interested in any aspect of vintage, (including, but not exclusive to, fashion) be it transport, furniture, culture, re-enacting, music and dance; then you shall find something within the pages of In Retrospect to suit you. This is where I feel In Retrospect magazine definitely stands out against other publications of the vintage genre.

Regular features include:

  • In Focus Debates – past debates have included ‘Born in the Wrong Era?’ and ‘Are the 90’s Vintage?’
  • Fashion spread – typically 10 pages per issue
  • In Fashion Spotlight on Reproduction Brands – past brands featured include ‘Bow & Crossbones’ & ‘Dovima’
  • In Focus – Photography spotlight
  • In History – features on fashion history, biographies of movie stars, cooking, etc
  • In The Pink – holidays & locations
  • In Style – past features have included ‘The evolution of the 20th century dress shirt’ and ‘A history of men’s underwear’
  • In Person – interviews with people ‘on the scene’ – performers, singers, burlesque
  • In Style – fashion, sewing & knitting tips, hair & make-up
  • In The Know – upcoming events, book reviews, television

As well as having great content, the magazine also holds an aesthetic charm. A good sturdy A4 size, the cover is matt finish, whilst the inner pages are a lovely glossy 100gsm (and it has that terrific ‘new magazine smell’; which I love!)

Whenever a magazine releases two size versions, I always go for the larger size. For example, I believe Marie Clare sometimes offer their magazine in a standard A4, and a ‘travel’ size. Whilst I acknowledge the convenience of a smaller size, to me it just feels better to have an A4 magazine. So on that score, In Retrospect definitely gets a big thumbs-up!

Each issue is around 100-125 pages, which is more than enough to keep you reading for a good while.

 In Retrospect really succeeds in knowing what it’s readership will be interested in, and presents a good, rounded selection of articles and features in each issue. I believe part of it’s success, is the fact that the magazine is created and written by actual vintage enthusiasts. People who genuinely love the vintage lifestyle, have a fascination and a passion for eras gone by. All the articles and features appear very well researched and written to me, indeed some of the writers are fellow bloggers who you may be familiar with already – Gemma Seager of Retro Chick, Theodora Burrow of Theodora Goes Wild, G M Norton of Norton of Morton, and many more.

Articles which I particularly enjoyed, include Shona Van Beers (yes, the founder of Heyday! clothing) feature on ‘Cool Comfort – how beach pyjamas helped make trousers acceptable as women’s wear’, and Katrina Simpson’s ‘Murder Abroad – a new twist on an old favourite’ in which she explores the murder mystery novel, both of which appear in Issue 3.  Articles in the current issue which I loved were Sophia Wyeth’s ‘A Living Work of Art – the decadent dreams of Luisa Casti’, and (amongst others) the ‘Born in the Wrong Era’ feature, debated by Ava Aviacion, G M Norton & Mathew Keller.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend getting your hands on a copy! For those of you who would like to view a bit more of the magazine before deciding to buy, you can view selected articles online over on their website here.

The Details:

In Retrospect magazine is published in the UK 4 times yearly, with shipping options available worldwide. Subscriptions start at £12 for 3 issues (UK), and go up to £43.20 for 6 issues (International). The cover price is £4.50 per issue, in addition to subscription options, individual issues may be purchased, including back-issues. To view all these options, click here.

*This post contains affiliate links. I was given two issues of In Retrospect magazine to review for this blog post. All opinions are of course my own.*

Also – apologies for the slight lack of blog posts lately, I pulled a muscle in my arm during yoga class a little while ago (doh!), so I have been unable to type for any long periods of time.

Until next time dears, and happy reading!

11 thoughts on “A Modern Magazine for Old Fashioned People

  1. Marija says:

    Darn it.. now I’m a bit sad.
    Things like that are never to arrive here and get sold. Number one reason: people don’t admire vintage as much over here (no, that’s not number one, but I’m too embarrassed to admit that my people prefer Gossip Magazines than any other literature!) 🙂
    I hope it’s a great reading material.


  2. Jenny Frances says:

    Hey Marija!
    I know what you mean. Certainly on the high-street, the more mainstream shops only stock one vintage magazine (and to be honest, it’s really not great). But that is because if something is for sale on the high-street, it has to cater for it’s target audience & customer (which often on the high-street is the general public, who may not love vintage as much as you & I). Thank the stars for the power of the internet! 🙂 xx

  3. Jenny Frances says:

    Dear Jessica,
    I’m glad you like the magazine too! There are a few publications in the vintage genre which I have been wanting to get my hands on (including In Retrospect of course). I really want to read Glory Days magazine; but that is printed in New Zealand so I fear I may not get the chance to read it. Maybe one day! 🙂

  4. Porcelina says:

    I am so glad you have been enjoying the magazine (and not just because I’m a contributor, ahem…) – I think it’s great stuff and really does focus on historical interest pieces and such, not just the fashion. Thank you! x

  5. Carla (tinyangrycrafts) says:

    Thanks for the review! I need to get my hands on this magazine.I honestly haven’t had a ood magazine in my hands since I was in high school. Now to wish they stocked it in local shops to me, so I didn’t have to deal with evil shipping charges.

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