Stylish Swimwear With Sarina Poppy

My preferred choice of exercise is swimming, along with yoga and cycling. I try and get down the pool as often as I can; but this year I had to have a six month break from swimming due to my health condition pulling a number on me. So, about 6 weeks ago, I decided to ease myself back into the pool. The only problem was – I couldn’t find my swimsuit ANYWHERE. It was like it had vanished off the face of the earth. Still, even as I type this, I cannot find it. And believe me – I have looked everywhere for it, mostly because it was a gift from my talented bestie, who actually makes vintage-styled swimwear.

So, I decided to buy a swimset by a popular brand from their UK stockist, which turned into a rather upsetting disaster. Long story short, the set had numerous faults and defects, so I sent it back. The company didn’t acknowledge any of the issues I had raised, and sent the set back to me, with the hope that I continue to wear and enjoy the set. Which, with the issues and defects the set has, I certainly shall not be doing.

Anyway, all the while this was going on, I didn’t tell Sarina (my bestie), the reason why I had bought a new swimset – namly because I felt SO BAD that I had lost the swimsuit she gave me in the first place! But, the fiasco with the faulty swimwear caused me to come clean, and tell her that sadly I had misplaced the suit she had made me – hence my reason for buying new swimwear.

In the interim whilst all this was going on, I purchased a Tesco swimsuit, just so I could at least get in the pool! Then this week, an unexpected parcel turned-up.. It was a beautiful bikini from Sarina, with a cute little note! I was SO EXCITED!

Sarina and I went to university together, and have been the best of friends for over 10 years. She has worked in the costume department on many prolific films, theatre productions and television dramas, often working in various locations across the UK. So whilst we talk and message each other all the time, we don’t get to actually spend a lot of time together (but when we do we make the most of it and have a good girly catch-up!) She also works on her own business, Sarina Poppy Designs, creating swimwear, dresses and bespoke pieces for clients.

So this weekend, after consulting the weather forecast and seeing it was to be lovely and sunny, I decided to head down to the seafront and give the bikini a whirl! I teamed the set with a pair of palazzo pants that I have had for a few months (actually also from Tesco.. what can I say, there is a really big Tesco store just down the road from me..) and the colours matched almost EXACTLY. How uncanny is that?

What I love about this swimset, is the cut and style of the design. It is so flattering and comfortable! The bottoms cover everything one would wish to be covered, and the waistline hits just about on the natural waist, which is super flattering. The top has ruching, which helps to make the most of small busts (yep, that’s me). It also ‘pulls on’, so there are no uncomfortable clasps at the back digging in, and no danger of it popping open a la Barbara Windsor in Carry On Camping.

I also really like the contrasting bands of colour on the legs, waistline and bikini. I think these details serve to make the set just that little bit more special than your average swimwear.

In Sarina’s own words:

These fab bathing suits are inspired by the classic styles of the 1920’s and 1930’s.
Unlike the original bathing suits of the period, they are not made from wool, but a luxurious matte lycra fabric.
These stuning swimming suits are made from a double thickness, so they are super supportive and have the ability to suck you into shape in all the right places.

This is partly why Sarina’s swimwear is so genius, she has drawn inspiration from the styles and cuts of the 1920s/1930s, but made these styles work for the modern-day, with the use of durable fabrics. Let’s face it, no one actually wants to swim in wool nowadays!

So you can have the ‘look’ of an era gone-by, with all the comforts and conveniences of the modern day! And what’s not to love about that?

View Sarina’s full selection of swimwear in her Etsy shop. She also accepts custom requests/orders, see her Etsy shop for information on how to get in contact with her.

Next time I hit the swimming pool, I shall definitely be wearing my lovely Sarina Poppy set! (Perhaps without the addition of the vintage swimming hat I am wearing in the pictures here, as it leaks. Which incidentally, I discovered whilst wearing it swimming!)

Until next time dears!


8 thoughts on “Stylish Swimwear With Sarina Poppy

  1. Cate says:

    This is such a cute bikini and you look so lovely in it. Weirdly Sarina’s shop was one of the very first shops I followed on Etsy as I completely fell in love with her swimwear. I adore the navy one with the stripey bottom edges and matching stripey belt, it’s so 1920s. I’ve never bought one though as I never have any need for one. I couldn’t tell you the last time I went for a dip!

  2. Jenny Frances says:

    The coincidences continue! Ironically, I actually found the first swimsuit Sarina gave me this afternoon! I can’t believe it, I spent weeks looking for it to no avail, and the minute I get a new set IT TURNS UP! At least now I have lots of different swimwear to choose from though 🙂 Love your recent post on decorating a cloche hat, so many great options! XxX

  3. Jenny Frances says:

    Haa ha, the irony is, I actually found my original swimsuit literally THE DAY AFTER doing this blog post! Can you believe it!? At least I have lots of swimwear to choose from now! 🙂 I can’t believe I got in the sea either, it was cold, but then after a little while I kind of got used to it and didn’t want to come out! xx

  4. Jenny Frances says:

    Jessica you are too kind! By the way, I am so eager to enter Emily’s Fall Photo Contest, so excited that you are one of the judges! I’m sure you will do a great job. I’m so excited to see everyone’s entries, I have no idea what outfit I am going to put together yet, better get my skates on and decide! 🙂 xx

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