Make Up Masterclass with Vanessa Frankenstein

When it comes to make up, I am a bit lazy. I normally just wear the least amount I can feasibly get away with, and I only wear eye make up on very rare occasions. This is partly due to finding that spending that much time staring at myself in the mirror is boring and disconcerting, and partly due to the fact that most eye make up products that I have worn in the past just never stayed in place; and inevitably my eyeliner/mascara would end up smudged underneath or around my eyes.

So when I discovered that one of my favourite models and Instagrammers Vanessa Frankenstein was holding a make up masterclass, I was definitely on board! The class was to be held at Scarlet Rage Vintage, which is also one of my favourite vintage clothing shops. I had the pleasure to meet both Jade (the owner of SRV), and Vanessa last year when I attended the launch of Scarlet Rage Vintage pop-up shop in Camden. I was so excited to be seeing them both again, and to get the opportunity to visit SRV flagship store for the first time!

After getting to know everyone in the class (which was pretty nerve-racking for me, as even though the group was small, I panic a bit *read – a lot* when talking to groups of people. But it was really interesting finding out where everyone came from, what their careers and hobbies were etc); we then commenced with the class.

For this demonstration, Vanessa was recreating a Betty Grable inspired 1940s make up look on her model Nicola. This look was to be a fresh-faced take on the innocent girlish 1940s style, taking you through from daytime to night time easily. She talked us through prepping the skin, applying foundation then concealer afterwards, using a brush to apply the foundation to the face. She then talked us through contouring, a concept which I find slightly terrifying as a make up beginner. But Vanessa demonstrated it clearly, and I can see how the foundation ‘flattens’ the skin, so contouring brings definition back into the face.

Next was the blusher, which I actually do not use myself. But, Vanessa used Besame Apricot Cream Blush, and I am so tempted to get some! I have always veered away from blusher, as my pale skin flushes easily, so I am scared I may look clownish. But actually, the blush Vanessa demonstrated looked so lovely, so natural, dewy and youthful – that I may have to start using some. Vanessa asked Nicola to smile, so that the apples of the cheeks were apparent, then blended the blusher directly onto the apples of the cheeks.

After the eyebrows, she then talked us through creating a 1940s eye, using eyeshadows, mascara and false lashes. All of these things fill me with an uncomfortable feeling of fear, but seeing how Vanessa expertly applied the make up to create a beautiful effect has changed my mind. I particularly loved how the false lashes were trimmed and applied to the outer edges of the eye only, creating a natural but beautiful wide-eyed look. Before applying the false lashes, Vanessa curled Nicola’s lashes with an eyelash curler, then gently added the false lashes. After this, the mascara was applied to help the real and false lashes blend together and appear more natural.

Lastly, creating a 1940s lip. Vanessa showed us that by using two different shades of red lipliner, you can achieve a lovely depth to the pigment. Using an orange-based red first, Vanessa drew around the lips, then filled them in. Then, taking a darker red liner, Vanessa then started to create depth and dimension to the lips. I had never thought of using lip liner to fill in my lips entirely, I had only used it to draw around them to ‘contain’ the lip colour that I would then apply on top. But by using lip liner to fill in the lips, it creates a great base for your chosen lip colour to sit on, making your lip colour last longer. Besame Red Hot Red was then applied on top as the ‘main’ lip colour.

To finish, a light dusting of Besame Vanilla Powder was applied, just to combat any shine and ‘set’ the make up.

I think you will agree that Nicola looks absolutely stunning in the pictures! Vanessa is truly a highly talented and skilled make up artist, and I’m so happy I got the opportunity to learn from her.

As a special surprise, we were each given a goodie bag, which contained some Besame products! Swoon! I have been wanting to buy some Besame make up for years and years, but have never been able to decide on what colour lipstick to get, or which shade of blush. Now I can try out Red Hot Red & Besame Red shades and see what I think, hurrah!

It was a lovely evening, and I also to got to meet and chat with the lovely Siri, who I have been following on Instagram for a while now. It was especially amazing to meet her, as we both share a passion for lingerie, and she actually lives in Denmark, so I was excited that she was here in London for a visit.

Thank you so much to Jade and Vanessa for a fabulous evening, I’m sure I will be back to swoon over all the beautiful vintage pieces in the shop before long!

Until next time dears x


4 thoughts on “Make Up Masterclass with Vanessa Frankenstein

  1. Jessica Cangiano says:

    How fabulously cool!!! What a lovely treat to get to cap off such a fun event with a goodie bag that included some Besame products. I haven’t tried their offerings yet myself, but they’ve been on my wishlist for ages and I hope to give some of them a spin sooner or later. 🙂

    Big hugs & happy Halloween wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Maja Ćorić says:

    Darling gal,
    I can see you’ve had FUN over there.
    Just like yourself, I do not put makeup on my eyes. Not only due to the fact that I have sensitive eyes (my doctors orders are: nothing heavy!), but I believe it would be overwhelming to make both my eyes and my lips pop-up.
    And, therefore: I have chosen to have red lipstick on. 🙂
    Ohh, brows? Well, I don’t think about brows in that way. It’s not makeup – it’s face-shaping. I have seen my photos without brows being properly groomed and filled out.. it was like an image from “face off” 🙂

    You are lovely. You truly are – your natural beauty, just slightly enhanced – perfect!


  3. Jenny Frances says:

    Oh Marija, what a lovely comment to read!
    Thank you so much! I must confess, I went out and purchased a pot of blusher today (look at me pushing the boat out, hahaa!). So when I got home I tried it out, with the little brush it came with, and accidentally put WAAAY too much on. I looked like a clown that had been doing hours of exercise! 🙂 Oh well, I’m sure I won’t make the same mistake again!
    I definitely learnt some great tips in the make up class, but will probably only try out a few new products/items on myself. Red lips and pretty much not a lot else are what I am so used to! 🙂 xxx

  4. Jenny Frances says:

    Belated Halloween wishes to you Jessica!
    I actually just found out that Besame are not re-stocking their European supplier, so I guess if I want to buy some full size products, I’d better act pretty fast! Hoping you had a wonderful Halloween! xxx

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