Stepping Back To The 1950s

UPDATED 29/02/16 – Since publishing this post I have decided to withdraw from the Oxfam challenge.

When I first became interested in vintage clothing, it was the feminine styles of the 1950s that appealed to me the most. All those years ago, I was swept away by the sassy styles of the Pink Ladies from Grease – even though Grease is a 1970s version of the 1950s, I couldn’t help but want to dress like Sandy (and I have to say, I prefer Sandy pre ‘sewn into impossibly tight pants/backcombed hair makeover’. I was so disappointed that Sandy’s character succumbed to peer pressure – she should have stayed in the cardigan/poodle skirts combos that she loved!) But anyway.

Watching Grease then led me onto researching original 1950s movies and film stars of the era, of whom I identified the most with was the lovely Audrey Hepburn. Of course, I loved Marilyn, Betty Grable, Doris Day and Jayne Mansfield, but Audrey’s style just appealed to me more.

Recently, my style has been leaning towards earlier styles of the 1930s and 1940s, but when Oxfam contacted me to style a 1950s look from items already in my wardrobe; I thought it would be nice to wear pieces that haven’t seen a lot of daylight lately!

Oxfam have been selling vintage clothing in a dedicated section of their website since 2010, with items sorted into decades, making it easily navigable. Their advert campaign in 2010 for the launch of Oxfam Vintage was beautiful, and memorable. Indeed, I can remember seeing the full-page adverts in glossy magazines and being mesmerised by the story the clothes were telling. To illustrate my point, view the story of a 1953 gown on Youtube here. I particularly loved how the advertising campaign focused on the actual stories of the clothing – something which I find irresistibly alluring as a lover of vintage. Consequently, whenever I obtain a new true-vintage piece for my wardrobe, I always imagine who wore it, what events and occasions it has been to, what secrets and liaisons it has been part of! Oxfam are looking to run a new advert campaign for their online Vintage section, and I know I would love to be part of it! I think it would be wonderful to be able to help spread the word about vintage clothing, the stories they can tell, and the stories they can continue to be part of.

For these pictures, to emulate the era of the 1950s, I decided to go for a classic cardigan and full-skirt combination. I was considering an original 1950s dress with a suit jacket, but in the end decided that this outfit just felt more ‘fun’.

I have had this skirt for years, and the wonderful clear, bright blue just feels so typically 1950s to me! Most of my outfit is vintage, either from charity shops or vintage shops, with the exception of the shoes being from Hotter. I did intend to wear the chiffon scarf around my neck, but it was slightly windy, so it stayed on my head protecting my hairdo! Also, when I left the house I realised I was wearing my 1930s spectacle frames instead of my late 1950s ones which I had intended to wear (to go with the outfit). So I decided to take my glasses off for these pictures so that my 1930s frames didn’t detract/confuse the era I was emulating. So no, I haven’t suddenly started wearing contact lenses, I am still as short-sighted as ever!

Participating in this Oxfam challenge has enabled me to view my wardrobe differently, and to put together different combinations of clothing to create new outfits. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, the 1950s has been an era which I have not been wearing much of at all lately, but taking part in this challenge has made me realise that I do still adore the 1950s!

To view the latest goodies available from Oxfam Vintage, click here.

Until next time dears!


13 thoughts on “Stepping Back To The 1950s

  1. Cate says:

    Well you look really lovely, my dear, and what a blast from the past it is in more ways than one! Oxfam asked if I’d like to take part in this too but knew that I’d never have the time to do it so declined. I’m glad you are though and you definitely get my vote! xx

  2. Jenny Frances says:

    Ah, I was wondering who else they had contacted! In all honesty, I probably would have preferred to style a 1940s look, but by the time they finalised the details, the 1950s were the earliest decade they had listed. But, revisiting my 1950s items has made me appreciate & love the decade as much as I used to, so that is a good thing. And of course – the cardigan! 🙂 xxx

  3. Cate says:

    Yes, I told them if they did any earlier decades I’d definitely be interested. Got to love that cardigan, I’m so glad you’re still wearing it. xxx

  4. Jenny Frances says:

    Thank you so much my lovely!
    At first it felt a bit odd wearing a 1950s style outfit again, as it had been a good while since I wore this style. But after a few hours, it felt great! I forgot how wonderful it is to ‘swish’ around in a full circle skirt! 🙂 xx

  5. Jenny Frances says:

    Hello my dear Jessica,
    I love how powerful colour is in creating a mood and a feeling. I know I always feel uplifted wearing bright, clear shades, and yellow never fails to make me smile! 🙂 xx

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