Feeling Fancy With Emmy Design Sweden

Emmy Design are a vintage-reproduction brand, based in Sweden. Founded by Emmy Nilsson, the label focuses on producing high-quality, timeless garments with a strong emphasis on feminine style, cutting garments in sizes from a UK 6 up to a UK 24. I have been a fan of the company for a while, initially I fell in love with their marvellous cardigans – which are actually cropped to sit on the waist; hurrah! Looking beyond the gorgeous knitwear, they also produce garments that are a perfect mixture of vintage-inspired smart daywear. Oddly, I find many vintage reproduction labels seem to omit this category of clothing, choosing instead to focus on evening wear or occasion wear.

At the start of last week, I was thrilled to find an email from Emmy drop into my inbox, asking if I would like to review their Miss Fancy Pants Slacks and Sassy Suspenders. This style of trouser is TOTALLY the style I would usually go for, so of course I was more than happy to accept. Even more wonderfully, the trousers and suspenders actually dropped through my letterbox on my birthday, which added to the excitement of the day (although to be honest I had a bit of a ‘birthday blip’ this year..  and still feel a bit weird about it, but hey-ho).


I am 5ft 6″, BUT – I have a pretty long body and rather short legs. Now, because of my long torso I have to ensure I check the rise measurements of trousers or any ‘all-in-one’ garments, to check it will be long enough and feel comfortable. For these trousers, I decided to choose the size based on the rise measurement, rather than the waist and hip. So, I went for the size 36, as the rise measurement is quoted as 78cm, with my actual rise measuring 77cm. This means that the waist and hip are perhaps a bit looser on me than the design intends, but I feel that the trousers fit perfectly. The fabric has a bit of stretch, so absolutely could be worn tighter, I just prefer to wear things looser than needed. The inside leg measures 30.5inches, with a good few inches seam allowance on the inside to let them down if needed. But, as I have short little legs, I took these trousers up to have a finished inside leg of 28inches.

The fabric is a polyester spandex mix, which allows the trousers to hang and drape beautifully. As much as I love wool fabric, I have to say that in trousers it drives me around the bend! I have a pair of trousers (not by Emmy but by another repro brand) that contain wool, and my skin is so sensitive that the wool just makes me sit and itch.

The style of these trousers is so flattering, I love the super high waist! They also have pockets, so I have somewhere to put my awkward hands, hurrah! The Sassy Suspenders are really great quality, they even come packaged in a lovely box, making them perfect to give as a gift. It’s really great to find suspenders (or braces as we call them in England) that have buttonholes, rather than clips to attach to clothing. They are adjustable with a sturdy clasp – and – they have lots of length in them, perfect for my long body!

The Miss Fancy Pants Slacks are available in brown salt & pepper (the fabric I went for), black twill, black pinstripe, navy pinstripe and brown pinstripe. The Sassy Suspenders are available in brown striped (the ones I chose), black & white or navy. View Emmy’s main website here. As mentioned at the start of this post, I was given the opportunity to choose a pair of the Miss Fancy Pants Slacks, and a pair of the Sassy Suspenders to review here on my blog. As ever, all opinions are my own, and are my honest thoughts and opinions.

Also, you may have noticed I got my hair cut! It was on a bit of a whim, and I am still getting used to it, and how to style it.

Until next time dears!


8 thoughts on “Feeling Fancy With Emmy Design Sweden

  1. Backtobraces says:

    Nice outfit. The sassy pants look great on you – the button-on braces complement the outfit so well. Pants worn at the natural waistline are so flattering. Keep on wearing braces!

  2. Cate says:

    Oh my god, I love these trousers! They look so good on you and you definitely went for the right size, any tighter would’ve made them look more modern. Unfortunately, I personally wouldn’t be able to wear them due to the size of my boobs (braces and big boobs don’t go well together!!), however I have just spotted they do a pair of plus fours in the same fabric. WANT!!!!! xxx

  3. Jenny Frances says:

    Aw Nora, thank you so much! I have been lusting over Emmy’s cardigans for sooo long, every season they release the most darling colours – but therein lies the problem, I can never decide which colour cardigan to go for! Also, I am soo excited to be part of your pixie hair gang now! Yaay! 🙂 xx

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