A New Beginning – andEdna Lingerie

I am so excited to finally reveal something that I have been working on for many months now, my new lingerie line andEdna.

Having previously ran Frantic About Frances; initially I was planning to design a new collection under that name, but as my designs started to develop, I realised that I was going in a completely different direction. Much as we as humans grow, change and evolve, I felt that I had almost outgrown the style and genre of Frantic About Frances, and wanted to start anew and fresh.

andEdna is named after my beautiful late Nan Edna, whom I sadly lost as a teenager. In the collection, I wanted to explore the styles of the 1920s up to the 1940s, and instead of using novelty printed cottons, I have chosen to use only the best luxurious pure silks.

One of the challenges of working with silk fabric, was to ensure that it can be cared for conveniently by the customer. Many companies working with silk have a dry clean only label attached, but I wanted to ensure that my customers could enjoy the luxury of silk, whilst still being able to launder it effectively, carefully, and – at home. This is achieved by ensuring all silks that come into my studio are pre-washed and pre-shrunk, so the consistency of the silk is not going to alter once the customer washes it. I also carried out many tests on laundering silk, and every andEdna garment comes complete with it’s very own washbag.

At the moment, I have developed fitted tap pants, gathered tap pants, shorties and bloomers. The tap pants are based on original styles from the early 1940s, with many adaptations to suit the modern figure. I chose to produce two styles of tap pant, the fitted tap pant to produce a streamlined silhouette, and the gathered tap pant for comfortable lounge wear. The shorties are my modern-day equivalent of the tap pant, sitting lower on the hips for those that prefer this style. The bloomers are based on original styles from the 1920s, again with adaptations to suit the modern figure. The bloomers are lovely for dancing in, perfectly protecting ones modesty. They are also marvellous to wear underneath wide leg trousers, to add that little layer of luxury.

I have plans to develop bralettes to add to the collection, and am currently working on dainty sets of garters (which you can see in the pictures). At the moment, all designs are available in various colour silks, with plans to add to this selection in the future.

I am so excited about this new venture, and I am also thrilled to be only working in luxurious pure silks, for which there really is no substitute.

Products featured in these shots are my fitted tap pants, gathered tap pants and set of garters. Cropped round-neck cardigan knitted by Caroline Brooks.

You can view my collection here

Follow andEdna on Instagram @and_edna here

Follow andEdna on Twitter @andednalingerie here

I hope you enjoy the collection, until next time dears!


9 thoughts on “A New Beginning – andEdna Lingerie

  1. Porcelina says:

    Incredible collection, truly top of the range . Far beyond my budget alas, so I’m not your sales demographic, but it is wonderful to see these gorgeous garments being made. I wish you every success x

  2. Cate says:

    I know I’ve said it before, but congratulations on getting it all up and running! They’re such beautiful pieces and you look absolutely gorgeous in these photos. xxx

  3. Jenny Frances says:

    Thank you so much Cate! It’s funny, when I saw the pictures my first thought was ‘that isn’t me!’ haa ha! What a difference strong eye makeup, a haircut and going without my glasses can make! 🙂 xx

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