Part Four of My Vintage Style Series with Hotter Shoes

The final instalment in this series of my Vintage Style articles for Hotter Shoes shines a spotlight on the 1920s. I must confess; I think of all the looks that I created for the series, this one is my absolute favourite! As soon as I saw the Juliette shoes, I knew they would be perfect for a 1920s style, and I started planning outfit possibilities immediately.

The main component of my outfit is a wonderful original 1920s dress, to which I owe a massive thank you to my best friend Sarina for letting me borrow it!

The 1920s is an era I do not dress in often, although I have a feeling that may be about to change! I can definitely see how the Flapper girls of the era felt free and liberated in their attire. It felt wonderful to move freely and not have the constraints of structured belts or fitted clothing.

I managed to record a super-goofy video on my phone (well – I should re-phrase that as Kieren managed to record the video), of me doing some Charleston dancing, which is over on my Instagram (click the link here to view).

Hopefully in the not too distant future, I plan to make a few 1920s style dresses, as they would be so perfect for the summertime!

To view the full post, and to read my article on the brief history of 1920s shoes, visit the Hotter Shoes blog, It’s a Shoe Thing here.

Outfit Details

  • Dress – 1920s original vintage
  • Belt – came with the dress
  • Flowers – added by me, from various shops over the years
  • Tights – Ebay
  • Shoes – Juliette by Hotter Shoes

Thank you so much to Hotter Shoes for the wonderful opportunity of styling these outfits and writing articles on shoe history, I have loved it!

Until next time dears!


12 thoughts on “Part Four of My Vintage Style Series with Hotter Shoes

  1. Stephanie says:

    So pretty! I used to think the 20s were a decade that wouldn’t suit me but I was wrong! Plus it’s so comfortable to wear 20s dresses.

  2. Jessica Cangiano says:

    They are nothing short of breathtaking. My first thought (after how amazing they look on you), is what an elegantly beautiful pair they’d make for a bride on her wedding day. This whole look is sweet, chic and wildly gorgeous!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Jenny Frances says:

    I know what you mean Stephanie, previously I always thought that I had to have some emphasis on my waistline – nipping it in with a belt etc. The 1920s really are a completely different style to the eras I am usually drawn to, but it is so easy and as you say; comfortable to wear 1920s style clothing! It’s definitely an era I want to wear more styles of in the future 🙂

  4. Jenny Frances says:

    Oh yes Jessica, I hadn’t thought of that! But they really would look so lovely on a bride for her wedding day. And with the low heel, they would be comfortable too, bonus! 🙂 xx

  5. Jenny Frances says:

    Hi Bonita, I definitely feel that the 1920s is having a bit of a resurgence lately. I still really want to make up a little 1920s style day frock, it would be so perfect for the warmer weather (that I hope we are going to have here in the UK!) 🙂 xx

  6. Jenny Frances says:

    Hi Lauren, it’s funny you should say that – I am actually working on 3 1920s garments at the moment! I am hoping to get them finished by mid-July, as two of the pieces I want to wear together to an event. I also remembered that I said back in that post how perfect 1920s dresses are for the summertime – and it’s pretty much summertime now (although it doesn’t really feel like it here with dull grey skies and rain!) xx

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