Costume In Film: The Gang’s All Here 1943

Earlier this week, I was watching a few movies as part of some research for a series of articles I have coming up. The first movie I decided to watch, was ‘The Gang’s All Here’. Starring Carmen Miranda, Phil Baker, Alice Faye and Charlotte Greenwood, the movie was released in 1943.

Carmen Miranda, the ultimate queen of the accessory!

Carmen Miranda, a lady who knows the power of accessorising.

Directed by Busby Berkeley, the movie features wildly ambitious and absolutely bonkers musical numbers! The choreography, staging and set design is so deliciously over-the-top, the movie really is a visual feast.

'Hello, yes?' Using a cat as a telephone receiver.

The only scene in the entire movie that features a  cat. So of course I had to include it here! Haaa ha!

Charlotte Greenwood adds a brilliantly comedic touch to the plot, I really love her in any movie!

'I'm smiling at you, but really I just want to eat your donut'. Give. Me. The. Donut.

‘I’m smiling at you, but really I just want to eat your donut’. Give. Me. The. Donut.

I took various screen shots throughout the movie, and I thought I would share some here. I am not going to give away the plot of the movie, as I don’t wish to spoil it for anyone that has yet to see it.

At least Carmen can always ensure she gets her five-a-day.

Now that is a whole lot of fruit.

There are some great costumes in the movie, of course Carmen Miranda wears some of the more vibrant and eccentric creations.

A bridge of bananas. Just what any musical needs.

No musical is complete without a bridge of bananas.

This was one of the scenes from ‘The Lady with the Tutti Fruitti Hat’ number. The props were just so wacky! Imagine working in the prop department and having to make and paint numerous giant bananas!

An intense ‘staring into the distance’ look from Alice Faye there on the left.

The staring into the distance continues..

I love how all the characters colours co-ordinate with each other in this scene, and especially that pom-pom hat!

Here is a better look at those costumes. It is interesting that Sheila Ryan as Vivien and Alice Faye as Eadie are both wearing very similar colours. In the movie they have a common link which ties them together, so it is intriguing that the costume designer decided to mirror this in the colour choices.

Vivien sneaking a peep at Eadie’s bustline. We caught you Vivien!

We next see Vivien in a pale pink gown, weirdly worn with two belts.

'I'm smiling and yet even I do not know why I am wearing two belts'

‘I’m smiling and yet even I do not know why I am wearing two belts’

But again, her brooch is extremely similar to one worn earlier in the movie by Eadie.

And next up, we have an all-in-one!

It’s difficult to see from this screen shot (and I did keep pausing it and going back to try to get a good picture), but Alice Faye as Eadie is wearing a pale pistachio all-in-one! Swoon.

Later on, we get a fabulous peep inside Vivien’s boudoir, I mean look at the dressing table and those curtains! So beautiful.

The zingy choice of chartreuse on Carmen Miranda in this muted scene shows her as exotic and flamboyant, especially against the almost two dimensional blue of this scene.

How fabulous is Carmen’s blouse and matching turban! I love how the costume is accessorised with  decorative pins, to continue the patriotic red, white and blue theme.

The closing sequence features a number about polka dots, (yes, that’s right, polka dots); and concludes with the floating heads of the cast members singing along. For me, that was a bit too strange, so here is a closing shot of Alice Faye instead!

I picked up a DVD of The Gang’s All Here on either Amazon or Ebay last year. A quick search shows that it is still available on, on both Blu-ray and DVD.

I would definitely recommend watching it, Carmen Miranda is wonderful as always, and the costumes are fabulous! There are also some scenes of dancers, actors and acrobats rehearsing which I did not include here; but their rehearsal costumes are so great!

Until next time dears!


8 thoughts on “Costume In Film: The Gang’s All Here 1943

  1. Harlow says:

    Those outfits! Those HATS. I’m going to have to give this one a watch so that I can see more of the pistachio and white one piece, and I have to say the two belts made me giggle!

  2. Jessica Cangiano says:

    I love this movie to bits and could easily (and happily) watch it with the sound off for the amazing hats and fashions it includes alone. Thank you for the lovely look at one of Carmen’s most delightful flicks.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Jenny Frances says:

    Ahh, I know! I love all the costumes in this movie, practically every scene I was pausing it to admire the clothing! And it is so weird that Vivien’s character wears two belts – WHY?? Who knows! 🙂

  4. Jenny Frances says:

    I know, all the colours are just so vibrant and enticing! Even the décor and sets are marvellous to look at too (not to mention the hairstyles! Swoon!) xx

  5. Jenny Frances says:

    It is such a crazy film, I actually had to watch it twice before I decided that I liked it! But definitely, even if the story line is not the best, the costumes are seriously amazing! 🙂 xx

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