Zingy Capri Pants

Sometimes, when I find myself in the town centre I just naturally gravitate to the fabric shops. Even if I didn’t actually intend to go there, I am suddenly inside the fabric store, staring aimlessly at rolls of fabric wondering ‘why did I come in here this time?’

This happened a few weeks ago. I was in one of the local fabric shops, and suddenly this lemon print cotton sateen caught my eye. Of course, I didn’t actually intend to buy it.. but I found I just couldn’t leave it behind either. Immediately I thought it would make a great pair of Capri pants, and what better sewing project to do after the complicated undertaking of my 1914 dress?

I have made Capri’s a few times, so I know how swiftly they can come together. I used a vintage pattern from the 1960s, but altered it slightly. The original pattern fastens with a lapped zipper at the left hand side, but this time I wanted to do a centre front fly zip. I have only sewn a fly zipper once before, so I was prepared to be slightly bamboozled and confused.

The first fly zipper that I had sewn last year was also on a pattern that did not originally fasten with a fly zip, so I had to alter that one too. Remembering how I had altered that pattern, I pretty much repeated the process for these capris.

Once I had the fly zipper in, I then decided that I wanted to add side pockets. These were already part of the original pattern, so I didn’t do any pattern alterations for these. This is actually the first time I had inserted pockets into a garment that I am pleased with the finished result, hurrah!

The remainder of the construction was very straight forward. I used flat fell stitching to finish the outside leg seams, then half-felled seams to finish the inside legs. (Trimming the S/A on one side, folding the opposite side S/A over the trimmed S/A twice to encase the raw edges, then stitching to finish).

I really love these capris, I just feel they are so reminiscent of the bright novelty print Capri pants of the late 1950s! They were definitely a welcome sewing project after the hours spent on my Edwardian dress, these Capris probably only took about a day and a half in total.

Outfit Details

  • Capris – Made by me, my 3rd Vintage Pledge item
  • Cardigan – Gift from a friend years ago. Possibly Laura Ashley?
  • Jacket – Original vintage from Scarlet Rage Vintage
  • Shoes – Sorbet, c/o Hotter Shoes
  • Earrings – Sofia’s Garden
  • Scarf – Silk, I have had it for about 12 years.

Bizarrely, when I wore this outfit and took these pictures, I got hollered at in the street about 5 or 6 times. It always surprises me when people seem so affected by a person’s appearance or attire; that they feel they have to express those opinions in a very vocal manner. Luckily, Kieren was with me, so I did not feel as vulnerable as I would have done had I been on my own.

I suffer from anxiety, and in the past it was crippling to the point where I just couldn’t leave the house. My anxiety is much better now, although I still have ‘wobbles’, and feel nervous about leaving the house on my own. It angers me that people can act in hurtful ways towards others, and perhaps have no idea of the impact of their actions.

I’m sure I am not alone in encounters of this kind. But I will not change how I want to dress to fit in with the expectations of complete strangers.

Until next time dears!




21 thoughts on “Zingy Capri Pants

  1. Erin says:

    I admire your courage (and your outfit, of course!) I too have been hollered at in the street, mainly because I use a parasol to protect my skin from the sun and people think that’s very holler-worthy for some reason. But life is too short to fit in with the crowd wearing boring clothing and caring what complete strangers you’ll never see again think about you! Keep being you 🙂

  2. Jenny Frances says:

    Hi Erin,
    It’s funny how some people are so vocal to complete strangers, it has always baffled me. I also think it’s incredibly rude to shout in public, but in today’s times people’s attitudes to what is deemed polite behaviour seems to have changed. I will always go with my instinct, and wear what I like to wear. I do find though, that on days when I am feeling insecure I tend to ‘dress down’, in order to not attract attention. I know that is terrible, and I hope to build up my confidence more on those days when I am anxious. Keep using your parasol, they look great and they protect your skin from the sun – what’s not to like? It’s funny, because if I saw you using a parasol I would probably approach you and express my delight in your attire! People should be spreading love, not distaste or displeasure. 🙂 Hugs! xxx

  3. thenaughtybun says:

    You mean, people hollered at you because they were “offended” by what you wore? That’s baffling. I don’t think I would have managed to keep my gob shut, but that’s because you look amazing and those capris are the coolest ever. And, I wouldn’t have hollered. I would have walked over and gushed at the awesomeness…

  4. Lorena says:

    I think you look marvelous and just the idea of actually YOU having made your capris is outstanding.
    The only holler you should get is “you’re looking fabulous madame!”

  5. Jenny Frances says:

    Oh Berte, you are too kind! But yes, the hollering was seemingly because my outfit wasn’t to their taste. I try not to dwell too much on other people’s motivations and mind-sets, because frankly it makes my own mind boggle! Haa ha! Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂 xx

  6. Jenny Frances says:

    Thank you Joanne!
    I just have lots & lots of sewing books to refer to if I get confused (which is a frequent occurrence.. ha ha!) Failing that there is always good old Google! 🙂

  7. Rebecca Young says:

    I think it is awful that people shouted remarks at you in the street about your clothes. It would have affected me if I had been the target of such remarks. I felt very self conscious when I started to wear trousers in public having been a skirts only person but fortunately nobody made any comments within my hearing!

  8. Jenny Frances says:

    Hi Rebecca! Thank you so much for your kind words. I think we all just have to dress to suit our own tastes. If a small minority of people do not like that, then we must all remember it is their issue, not ours. I have always used clothing and accessories to express my individuality and who I am – and I shall definitely carry on doing so! – as should we all! 🙂 xx

  9. Amanda Milstead says:

    Love the outfit. I always think it’s strange when someone feels the need to stare or say something about my clothing. On the other hand, I get a lot of compliments as well. I’m sure you do too!

  10. Jenny Frances says:

    Hi Amanda, I know what you mean. It’s odd though, as the unpleasant or negative experiences seem to stick in the mind more easily than the nice ones. xx

  11. Jessica Cangiano says:

    Awesome outfit! Citrus print/themed fashion is a huge favourite of mine. Way to go on altering the original pattern and creating this super lovely pair of capris.

    I’m deeply sorry that you experienced so many rude, insensitive and entirely uncouth comments from strangers that day. That is genuinely heartbreaking – and just so sad. How in the 21st century haven’t we reached a point where “to each their own” is respected in all areas, very much including fashion. I admire, and share, your steadfastness and am always here to remind you to keep marching to the drum of your own (incredibly awesome!) vintage fashion drum.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  12. Jenny Frances says:

    Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much for your lovely kind words! I was actually in the fabric shop earlier today, and I saw they are now doing banana print stretch sateen – perhaps another pair of Carpi’s is in order.. Ha ha! xxx

  13. theartyologist says:

    I am so sorry you had to experience that- that’s terrible! I don’t know why some people would act like that- this is an incredible outfit! The pattern on the capris is great 🙂
    The Artyologist

  14. The Homemade Pinup says:

    Lemon prints seem to be SO in right now! You’re right on trend. I thought about whipping up a dress in a similar fabric but with so many projects at the moment, I never purchased it. Your capris look great! And I’m so sorry about the hollering. It really disgusts me how people act sometimes, but you can’t let it affect your life (easier said than done sometimes, eh?). I also have social anxiety so I understand how you feel. But together we feel stronger, right? At least that’s how I view it. Hugs to you! Great job again on the capris.

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