Vintage Reproduction Men’s Trousers

In a slight shift from my usual topics of sewing or women’s reproduction clothing, today I am going to talk about men’s reproduction vintage clothing.

Kieren (my other half) dresses in vintage style clothing on a daily basis, so is constantly on the lookout for new brands and styles to try. In the Winter 2015 issue of In Retrospect magazine, Editor Mat Keller gave an insightful review of popular vintage trouser styles; from six different brands. Kieren already owned some of the trousers featured (and agreed with some of the points Mat put forward).

However, the brand that seemed to come out ‘on top’ in Mat’s review was Morellos – a company neither I nor Kieren had previously purchased or worn.

After browsing on their website, Kieren decided to try the 1930s/1940s Style Bags in Oatmeal. The sizes and leg lengths listed on the website seemed quite limited, so Kieren emailed the company to enquire about longer leg lengths – which were indeed possible.

These trousers have lovely pleating detail at the centre front, a zip fly and button closure. The hem width is a generous 26 inches, with a 2 inch turn-up. They have a small back pocket, and deep side pockets. The fabric is a wool mix, although I am not sure of the exact composition.

As Kieren likes to wear braces with his trousers rather than belts, I added buttons to the inside waistband to accommodate these. The trousers come with belt loops, but not buttons for braces.

Of all the trousers Kieren owns, I think these are amongst my favourite. The customer service and communication from Morellos was excellent, and the price point of £65 is very reasonable in today’s market.

I always enjoy discovering and trying new reproduction brands, and I am so happy that Kieren is pleased with his trousers. We may need to start making more space in our wardrobes soon though – all these vintage styles definitely take-up a lot of room!

Have you tried Morellos clothing? They also have women’s styles too – I see they do Swing Trousers in the same fabric as Kieren’s bags – we could be matching! Haa ha!

View Morellos website here.

Until next time dears!


2 thoughts on “Vintage Reproduction Men’s Trousers

  1. Jenny Frances says:

    Thank you so much Jessica, I do hope your summer months are full of wonderful weather and the perfect mix of recuperation and recreation! 🙂 Lots of love xxx

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