Cream Cotton For Summer Days

As we are now into the middle of August, I suppose it must be officially summertime. As I type this, the weather is indeed glorious, and has me dreaming of holidays.

As there are only a limited amount of warm, sunny days here in the UK, I feel that once they do arrive, they need to be made the most of! So far this summer, I have been incredibly busy, and have not had many opportunities to enjoy the sunshine. I have taken on a few more writing assignments, and have also been working on some freelance sewing jobs. In the midst of this, I also decided to continue with giving my work studio/office a makeover.

At the end of last year, I painted all the walls white (they were previously dark primary blue – not my choice!), ripped up the carpet & replaced it with laminate flooring. At the time, I didn’t get around to re-painting all the woodwork. So the past week, I have been re-painting all the skirting boards, doors (there are three!), door frames and window sill.

It already looks a million times better and fresher, and I now have a clean completely white base to work with. All my accessories and fittings are based on a colour scheme of peach, mint, apple green, and pink, so I am thinking of painting some of the doors/wall in those colours. But anyway, I digress. But in case any of you were wondering why my blog has been a tad quiet, those are the reasons why!

So in my previous post, I talked about taking a pattern from an original 1920s dress to make an entirely new garment. I used the pattern to make the dress featured in my previous post, and also this dress.

Whenever I think of the 1920s, I usually think of light, little summer dresses, sheer layers and romantic flowers. Now that I had a 1920s pattern I was happy with, I decided to make up a cream cotton 1920s style dress. The construction was very straight-forward, although I did include French seams for a neat finish.

The collar is an original vintage one I found lurking at the bottom of a basket in a vintage/antique shop. It was all crumpled up, so at first I assumed it was a handkerchief, but I then realised it was this lovely collar! I also purchased another one, which is waiting for the right project to come along to team it with.

I added a silk ribbon flower to the waist – yes, I know I keep putting them on everything! A few months ago, I saw the movie ‘Magic in the Moonlight’ which is set in the 1920s, with Emma Stone and Colin Firth. I really loved all of Emma Stone’s costumes, I thought her character looked like she was comfortable, carefree and really at ease in all her outfits. To read more about the costume designs, see this great interview with Sonia Grande (the film’s costume designer) here. I have definitely been inspired by the movie, and the whimsical, unrestricted style that Emma’s costumes in particular evoked.

Outfit Details

  • Dress – Made by me
  • Hat – Charity shop a few years ago
  • Shoes – Hotter, purchased in the sale (they are still available, but only in extremely limited sizes)

Until next time dears!



11 thoughts on “Cream Cotton For Summer Days

  1. Christina says:

    Such a sweet, summery outfit! Definitely important to make the most of summer whilst it makes its fleeting appearance! I love the little flower, such a lovely finishing touch. And the collar fits the dress perfectly!

  2. Jessica says:

    I love how simple and easy to wear your pretty cream dress is! I love 1920s style, and I’d love to try my hand at a dress like this – something more appropriate for daily wear. This is so perfect for a warm, breezy summer day by the lake, and your rustic accessories are just the right touch.

  3. theartyologist says:

    Another lovely 1920’s ensemble. That collar is beautiful- and I love the touch of flowers at the waist. Such a nice way to dress up a rather simple outfit!
    The Artyologist

  4. Tanith says:

    Lovely and bright and summery! The collar and the flower are great touches.

    Was it a good movie as well as having good costumes? They look rather fabulous – and her illustrations of the designs are just darling!

  5. Jenny Frances says:

    Hi Christina, thank you so much! The weather can be so hit or miss here (as you know!), so I’m glad I actually got the chance to wear this dress and not be cold, haa ha! 🙂

  6. Jenny Frances says:

    Thank you so much Jessica! At first I perceived the 1920s to be a really unwearable decade, but the more I researched into it I found that is not the case. I do think it may be easier to wear 1920s styles in the summertime, as of course there are fewer layers/clothing components to consider! 🙂

  7. Jenny Frances says:

    Hi Nicole, thank you sweetie! I’m getting a bit obsessed with those silk ribbon flowers, haa ha! They are just so pleasing to make, and I have always loved floral accessories. I promise my next outfit for the blog will not feature a ribbon flower (at least I think it won’t..) 🙂 xx

  8. Jenny Frances says:

    Hi Tanith! The movie itself is frothy, light-hearted fun really. I am a fan of both Colin Firth and Emma Stone (I once purchased a lipstick based purely on the fact that Emma Stone was advertising it..) so I am probably pre-programmed to like anything either of the two are in! The costumes are so lovely, and the setting is visually beautiful too. I would definitely recommend watching it – and of course there are some really great hats in it! 🙂 xx

  9. Porcelina says:

    Beautiful job!! I’m having a go at making my first 1920s style dress but it’s not looking great so far. I think your idea of attaching a collar like that is a genius one. x

  10. Jenny Frances says:

    Hi lovely, I’m sure your dress looks great! I didn’t think of attaching a collar until I found this one, and luckily it turned out to be the perfect match. 🙂 xx

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