1940s CC41 Suit & My Birthday Weekend

In which I debut my original 1940s CC41 suit, and accessorize with an authentically styled bag from Original Crochet by Q on Etsy.

Another year has passed by, and I am indeed another year older. Generally, I never feel negative about ageing. Apart from the increasing number of white hairs making an appearance on my head (which I have had from the age of twenty, so I am pretty much used to their residency by now anyway), getting older has never really bothered me. I generally take the view that I am impressed and in awe of my body for getting me thus far, and indeed I hope to enjoy many more years on this earthly plane.

Ironically, as if my body wished to remind me of the turning of another year, I woke up on my ‘Birthday Eve’ with a frozen shoulder. At least, I’m not entirely sure that is what I have, but I woke up with terrible neck/head/shoulder pain, as if I had trapped a nerve. As I type this, I still have the problem, but it has at least started to lessen.

Shoulder pain or no, I knew I wanted to dress up and feel special on my Birthday weekend, so I did just that! As the weather is currently freezing, I had to dress for warmth, whilst still retaining an element of style. Whilst I did want to reach for a gorgeous rayon 1940s dress I have not yet worn, I knew I would need something slightly more substantial to keep the chilly temperatures at bay. I decided to wear this beautiful original 1940s CC41 suit. I have worn both the skirt and jacket on separate occasions, but up until now not worn them together.

I found this suit on the top floor of an incredible vintage/antique/odds & ends shop in Devizes just before Christmas. The shop was amazing, with creaky stairs, low ceilings and atmospheric lightning. It was almost a treasure trove, full of undiscovered gems waiting for their perfect owner. At first I found the skirt on a table, then, looking around I found the matching jacket placed on a chair amongst some other garments.  From looking at the skirt I knew straight away that it was 1940s, and the style of the jacket confirmed this. It was not until I got the suit home and gave it good long soak that I discovered the CC41 label. Imagine my joy!

The suit is made from linen, and is completely unlined. The skirt fastens with a side placket, a single popper and a double hook & eye on the internal petersham waistband. The jacket has hidden handsewn loops with two hooks to keep the waist section closed. At first the ‘flaps’ on the front of the jacket perplexed me somewhat – they are not functional pockets, merely decorative details. But on a CC41 suit, why add extra fabric when it does not serve a purpose? My conclusion is that the suit possibly originated in the later 1940s, when cloth shortages had subsided slightly.

I teamed the suit with a Rocket Originals jumper, a turban I had found a few days earlier, and a wonderful bag from Original Crochet by Q on Etsy. I first discovered Original Crochet by Q through fellow blogger Nora, when she posted a picture with her bag on Instagram last summer. I have been hankering after a bag of my own for some months, and after Christmas decided to treat myself (knowing it would hopefully arrive just in time for my Birthday, which luckily it did!)

I contacted Q Lat, the stores owner, and asked her about the possibility of selecting a custom colour. She was extremely helpful, providing me with colour charts with multiple shades and yarns to select from. Once I had selected my colour, I then chose the lining, handles, and added a magnetic snap. The bag really adds an authentic touch to a 1940s outfit, I am so happy I took the plunge and purchased it!


Outfit Details

Overall, I had a lovely Birthday weekend, even with the horrid shoulder pain!

Until next time dears!


18 thoughts on “1940s CC41 Suit & My Birthday Weekend

  1. Marilyn says:

    Happy Belated Birthday. Wishing you a year of blessings. I love your outfit. The pocketbook is gorgeous. Those yellow shoes are amazing. Thanks for sharing. Glad you had a great birthday. Hope your aches are gone soon.

  2. Jessica says:

    Happy birthday! I’m so sorry about your shoulder issues, though – that sounds just awful.
    Love this outfit, though! This suit is such a standout look, and you’ve picked really charming accessories to go along with it – that great bag, cute shoes, and AMAZING turban. I hope the rest of your year is just as stylish.

  3. Jenny Frances says:

    Hi Karen, thank you! I don’t tend to wear these heels too often, but I certainly do enjoy wearing them! I love seeing the flash of yellow as I walk, it puts a smile on my face 🙂 xx

  4. Jenny Frances says:

    Hello my lovely! Yes.. you need this bag in the sage green now! Lol! To add to your collection! My shoulder has only just started to feel better, so it’s taken about 8 or 9 days for the pain to fade. I really hope neither of us get horrible frozen shoulder again! 🙂 xx

  5. Jenny Frances says:

    Hi Mim, thank you! I couldn’t quite believe that I found the matching jacket either, that little shop was truly a treasure trove! I even got some additional items from there too, some of which I haven’t yet worn (as it’s still too cold). xx

  6. Jenny Frances says:

    Hi Janey, thank you so much! I felt if I can’t get dressed up on my Birthday, well, when can I? lol! xxxx (as if I need an excuse to get dressed up anyways!) 🙂

  7. Jenny Frances says:

    Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much! My shoulder has actually just started to feel better, phew! I was wondering how long it would take for the pain to actually go away, so I’m really relieved to be feeling ‘normal’ again.
    I really loved your post about ASOS – and I was totally nodding (although not too enthusiastically on account of my neck!) in agreement about the site being overwhelmingly difficult to narrow down search options. I love the items you selected, and I agree that if you do a bit of searching, you can absolutely find vintage-appropriate items on ASOS (and indeed many sites depending on how you style/wear items). Great post! xx

  8. Kate-Em says:

    Happy Birthday. This is a fabulous outfit. The suit was a great find. I love the turban and the brooch you have decorated it with. Great bag, beautifully done. I have admired Nora’s in her post. I would love to get my crochet skills up to that kind of thing.

  9. Jenny Frances says:

    Thank you so much, it’s a great suit, I have already worn it on numerous occasions! I actually just ordered another bag from Original Crochet by Q on Etsy as I just love this one so much! XxX

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