The Vintage Pledge 2017

Even though the Vintage Pledge officially commences in January, of course I am again late to the party.  In this post I talk about my sewing plans for the remainder of the year ahead, including my participation in the Vintage Pledge for my second year.

Last year, I participated in the Vintage Pledge for the very first time. Well, I enjoyed it so much, that I have decided to do it all again this year! Although last year I didn’t make it as a winner across any of the categories, I did make it as a finalist in two out of six of the categories – Tops, and Bottoms. Of course, to be honest I didn’t take part to win anything, and even to be named a finalist was truly amazing and gave my heart a warm fuzzy glow of pride.

Last year, according to calculations in my sewing recap post, I made 9 garments that were eligible to count towards my vintage pledge. This year may be a little different. Whilst I usually make a few garments in my spare time throughout the year, these garments are normally relatively small-scale makes. When I say small-scale, I mean in comparison to making a wedding dress..

As some of you readers know, I am getting married in September. As soon as Kieren & I got engaged, I knew straight away that I would want to make my wedding dress. So, this year my vintage pledge is going to be small in terms of numbers of garments – but incredibly large in terms of work involved, emotional investment and ‘wow factor’.

Obviously, I am keeping my dress a surprise (I even have a sign  for my office/studio door to warn Kieren not to enter when I am working on it!). So, there will be no sneak peeps or posts on the making or progress of my dress until after September.

So, to surmise, my official #vintagepledge for 2017 is: I, Jenny, pledge to make my wedding dress using a 1930s sewing pattern.

For the moment, I think it is best if I keep my vintage pledge short and sweet. I may of course sew garments throughout the year using vintage patterns, and if I do of course I will add these to the dedicated Pinterest Vintage Pledge board. But I don’t want to pledge to make numerous items if I know I may not have the inclination or time to produce these.

For more information on the Vintage Pledge (and to take part!) visit Marie’s blog A Stitching Odyssey here.

Are you taking part in the Vintage Pledge this year? Have you taken part in previous years?

Until next time dears!



6 thoughts on “The Vintage Pledge 2017

  1. Jenny Frances says:

    Hi Carla
    I am now onto my second toile, it seems this particular pattern for my wedding gown requires lots of adjustments! I am pretty stressed-out about it, but I think it’s mostly down to me putting pressure on myself about it. I’m really glad I started working on it a few months ago, as initially I wasn’t even going to start it until around June.. but now I see how many adjustments & alterations there are, I’m so glad I started it when I did! 🙂 xxx

  2. Jenny Frances says:

    I do really like the concept of the vintage pledge. Last year, it did really help me to focus on what I wanted to make, and in turn to push my skills. I did ponder on the idea of adding in more goals to my pledge for this year, but I am already at max stress levels with my wedding dress – so thought it best just to stick to that! xx

  3. Jenny Frances says:

    Hi Mim! Part of my brain is going ‘what am I thinking’ lol. But luckily I think I have given myself enough time to sort out various toiles & test runs etc, so I should (hopefully) be in a good place by the time it comes around to making the ‘real thing’. Even though I obviously know what the dress is going to look like, part of me is curious too as I have been making the toiles using cheap polyester, so I can’t wait to see the dress in the ‘real’ fabric! 🙂 xx

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