Classic Black Cigarette Pants

Can’t find what you are looking for on the high street? Me neither, so in this post I discuss making myself a pair of classic black cigarette pants – in the exact style I like, that fit me the way I want them to.

Firstly, I feel I should start off by saying Happy New Year! I didn’t intend to take a few months off from blogging, but sometimes that is just how things turn out.

Lately, quite a few of my sewing projects have been more driven by practicality, than novelty ‘I need to sew this immediately’ spur of the moment frivolous makes. Case in point, over the Christmas period I sewed-up the practical Zebre sweatshirt by I AM Patterns, as I just needed to feel warm and cosy.  A sweatshirt may not be the most thrilling item in my wardrobe, but I have worn it a good few times already, and am already planning on making another one.

Another practical item I didn’t own, but could really fill a gap in my wardrobe – was a pair of simple black cigarette pants. Up until now, I hadn’t sewn myself a pair because I naively thought – these would be super easy to find on the high street right? WRONG. I had a specific, classic style in mind: Sits on my natural waist, fits me correctly on my waist, has pockets, perhaps a fly zip, is not too tight on my hips, and has tapered fitted legs. Of the trousers I did find on the high street, NONE of them had a waistband that actually sat on the waist.

So I decided to make my own pair. It’s times like these when I really think I am so so grateful that I can sew! Having the ability to design your dream garments, then execute them in the exact desired fabric, is such a great feeling.

I decided to use a pattern I had already stitched a few times, Vogue 5126 from the early 1960s. See this entry on Vintage Pattern Wikia here. I bought my pattern from Etsy 5 years ago, although I’m sure there will be other copies available out there to purchase on Etsy or eBay. The version before this pair was my lemon print pair, see the original post here.

As before, I altered the pattern to cut a fly front zipper, instead of the original side zipper. Other than that, I didn’t make any other adjustments. After stitching the darts, pockets and fly zip, the trousers came together really quickly.

The fabric is a lovely cotton spandex from Clothspot. When the fabric first arrived, I thought the stretch was hardly detectable, but upon wearing the trousers, they do have just a teeny bit of stretch to them – enough to feel comfortable whilst cycling and bending about etc.

I hardly EVER wear black, and actually, I think these trousers may be the only black item I own! Whilst I was making these trousers, part of me was thinking what am I doing  sewing with plain black fabric? But, as we all know, the versatility of black is endless. And these cigarette pants really remind me of the classic styles Audrey Hepburn wears in Sabrina, which is definitely a fabulous image to aspire to!

Outfit Details

I’m sure I am not alone in the despair at high street clothing stores, thank goodness for reproduction clothing brands and a do-it-yourself mentality!

Until next times dears!


4 thoughts on “Classic Black Cigarette Pants

  1. Porcelina says:

    The perfect black cigarette trousers are the holy grail. Still not found mine yet, so I was interested to see what pattern you used. They look fab!

  2. gwenstellamade says:

    I love your black cigarette pants! I guess everyone needs a staple like a pair of black pants in their wardrobe. I totally feel you about the issue with the fit with high-street pants. Even with reproduction brands (e.g., Freddies jeans), I sometimes nitpick about the fit in the different areas because I have a very petite frame.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your makes! xx Gwen

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