The No.12 Aalborg Wrap Dress by How to do Fashion

In this post, I continue my love of yellow with the No12 Aalborg wrap dress sewing pattern by How to do Fashion. My latest make is quite happily timed to be eligible as a Sew Together for Summer challenge entry too. Read on to find out more..

Recently, I seem to be drawn towards making shirt dresses and wrap dresses. I just love the effortless style these garments create, whilst still maintaining a nice level of comfort.

Whilst browsing online for sewing pattern reviews on various wrap dresses, I discovered a sewing challenge organised by Sew Sarah Smith, @sewing_in_spain and @rocco.sienna called #sewtogetherforsummer. For more information, click here. The theme for this years challenge is the wrap dress – which only fuelled my idea to sew myself one. Happily, around the time I was looking for a wrap dress sewing pattern (even though I have got SOO many sewing patterns, I don’t really need any more.. but then, I just can’t resist adding to my collection!) Nanna from pattern company How to do Fashion released her No12 Aalborg pattern.

I really liked the floaty, slightly full skirt, and I also like that the pattern is drafted with long sleeves. However, for my version, I decided to alter the pattern by drafting my own sleeves. I based my sleeve design on flutter sleeves popular in the 1930s, and I really like how they work with the overall look of the dress.

As most of the clothing I wear usually features high necklines, due to the deep V nature of the wrap dress, I thought it would be nice to make a slip to wear underneath it. I actually made the slip before the dress, and I think the completion of the slip spurred me on to the construction of the wrap dress.

My slip is made from viscose crepe fabric, in a gorgeous canary yellow. I drafted the pattern myself, and the whole garment is cut on the bias.

I enjoyed working with the viscose crepe so much, that I made my wrap dress in the same fabric, only in a different shade of yellow. Initially I preferred the canary yellow, but when I held up both shades to my face to compare, I found the warm marigold yellow suited my complexion much better. So I decided to compromise and include both tones, but the colder canary yellow only in small doses.

I ordered the PDF version of the No12 Aalborg, and then sent it to Print your Pattern for an A0 printed version. I did find that I still had to trace the pattern, as the pieces are nested within each other. This is definitely something to bare in mind if you are thinking of working with this pattern. The No12 Aalborg is also available as a printed pattern, although I don’t know if the pattern pieces would still be nested or not.

As far as construction and pattern instructions go, I only tripped up over one step – inserting the waist ties. I don’t know if I was having a brain fog day or what was going on, but for some reason I found this section of the construction somewhat baffling. In future, I may just use my own initiative – providing my brain is cloudless on that day of course!

Outfit Details

Until next time dears!

12 thoughts on “The No.12 Aalborg Wrap Dress by How to do Fashion

  1. Jenny Frances says:

    Hi Colette, thank you! I was tempted to incorporate an underlayer of the canary yellow for the sleeves too, but I thought it may then limit the tones I could wear the finished dress with. At least by sticking to one complete colour for the dress, I can then wear different slips/accessories with it. Basically, any excuse to wear tonnes of yellow and I am there! Haa ha! xx

  2. Porcelina says:

    I adore flutter sleeves in that style, you did a fab job of drafting them!
    What a gorgeous dress!

  3. Jenny Frances says:

    Hi Porcelina, thanks so much! V neck’s and wrap dresses are not a style I wear often, but it’s nice to break out of a comfort zone and try something a bit different 🙂

  4. Jenny Frances says:

    Thanks so much! I liked the look of the original long sleeves that come with the pattern, but for summer I just thought a nice flutter sleeve would sit better, and would drape well in the viscose crepe fabric I used 🙂

  5. Jenny Frances says:

    Hi Kelly, oh wow, thank you so much! I will have a look through the questions soon and get cracking on my answers! Thanks so much again, it’s amazing to be included alongside many amazing bloggers! 🙂 xx

  6. sabinemichaela says:

    Love the dress. I just recently thought how pretty this dress would be combined with flutter sleeves.
    After seeing your version with flutter sleeves I am definitly going to sew my version with flutter sleeves too.

  7. kellycb says:

    No rush, Jenny. I just wanted to let you know how much your blog is appreciated! Your welcome! I have been a long time follower.

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